Employees (EX)

Support your employees, so they can support your customers. Our omnichannel solution, means your team has access to a unified, user friendly system to deliver the best customer experience possible. Panviva reduces time on repetitive work, inspires team collaboration and streamlines your organization's knowledge.

How we improve your employee experience

  • Centralized, secure and collaborative system

    We centralize all your organization's knowledge in one accessible place, inspiring your team for customer success. So, whether you’re the 1st employee, or the 100th, each person has access to the exact same information.

  • Seamless Onboarding

    Traditional employee onboarding often meant classroom training and reading outdated paper manuals. With Panviva, your new starters have access to all the information they need without ever needing assistance. In fact, some of our customers have reduced their employee training time by 60%!

  • Goodbye repetition, hello curation

    Our system allows you to layer, share and collaborate on content without leaving your screen. Your team are armed with all the tools and resources they need to do their job, and are notified when anything is updated.

  • Productive employees are happy one

    Whether your team are helping a customer over the phone, across email or through your website, they always have the right answers to meet their needs. This saves them time to do what’s most important, deliver exceptional customer service. Some of our customers have increased team morale and productivity by 45%!

Some of our favorite EX numbers

  • 80%

    reduction in order entry errors

  • 45%

    improvement in employee productivity

  • 60%

    reduction in training times

See how teams are transforming their EX with Panviva

Telstra - Reducing training time by 50%

Telstra wanted to improve a number of employee experiences, in particular how their teams accessed information and how they trained and onboarded employees. They reduced their training time by 50%, reduced their handling times and boosted their CX team’s confidence with a single source of truth. 

“Panviva allowed us to determine a single source of truth for our operations. We removed the ambiguity for Asset Management.”

Sarah Winn, Quality Lead

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