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Telstra’s new high net worth division hit the ground running with Panviva
Central One streamlined operations for better member experience
Carle Physician Group supports hundreds of providers with Panviva
National Roadside Assistance organization lowers operational costs.
Samaritan Health Plans uses discovery and scoping to uncover hidden processes
Crisis Clinic provides single source of truth for information accuracy
Nevada Health Centers increase productivity and staff morale
NextCare average call times decreased by 15 seconds per call
Rocky Mountain Health sees faster onboarding and training of staff
Unity Health Plans see faster onboarding of call center staff
Western Health Advantage achieves faster calls to improve customer experience
Community Health Plan of Washington streamlined information access
GM Financial achieves faster deployment of processes while reducing compliance errors
Stellar centralized and integrated knowledge repository for fast growing energy supplier
A leading bank streamlined operations while reducing errors and costs
Health New England was able to improve CX, reduce staff and grow the business 20%
Bupa reduced call times and error rates while improving agent retention
BT cut process errors over 80% improving delivery success
AvMed cut agent training time by over 40% while reducing error rates
Health Alliance Medical Plan won new contracts and improved agent CX metrics
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