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No matter the task, Panviva will guide your
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Panviva enables efficiency gains across all departments as they face ever-rising complexity, compliance requirements and customer expectations. By making your employees more effective from Day 1, Panviva enables your staff to increase productivity – and profits.

Every claim processed right — everywhere

In the back office: Every task processed right — everywhere

Business processes, like complex claims or applications, keep getting more complex. Regional differences demand different procedures, increasing the risk of errors and compliance failures. Panviva ensures global compliance by guiding employees through complex processes in real time.

  • 85% reduction in error rates: Simplify complexity so work is done right the first time
  • 60% lower new hire training time: Make new employees proficient from Day 1, regardless of location
  • Increase consistency and accuracy: Walk users step by step through complex business processes
  • Adhere to industry regulations: Present the latest forms and reference materials needed to work through a task

In the front office: Every call handled right — every time

The number of channels customers now have access to makes it near impossible to provide high-quality information where and as fast as it’s demanded. By delivering context-aware information right when it’s needed, Panviva lets employees give concise, accurate responses — the first time, every time.

  • 25% reduction in average handling time: Eliminate complexity for faster responses
  • 20% increase in first contact resolution: Give the right answers the first time
  • Reduce errors and escalations: Simplify complexity so work is done right the first time
  • Speed time to competence: Make new employees proficient on Day 1 regardless of location
  • Increase staff retention: Promote a stress-free working environment and greater job satisfaction
Every call handled right — every time

Everywhere: Everyone performing better — every day

The 70:20:10 framework tells us that your employees learn most about their jobs by actually doing them but this can leave your business open to the risk of errors. Panviva delivers moment-of-need information to accurately guide your staff through any task – even the most complex processes. Panviva operationalizes the 70 in 70:20:10 so that even your new hires reach full competence within hours, creating a highly productive and easily multi-skilled workforce.

  • 40% lower staff failures post-training: Increase employee retention and customer satisfaction
  • Speed process execution and accuracy: Get processes done fast, correctly and consistently worldwide
  • Ensure new system success: Enable seamless transitions to new systems and procedures without downtime or customer impact
  • Get more done right — with less: Help employees do their work right without guessing, asking co-workers, or calling the help desk
Every worker performing better — every day

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