Roadside Assistance

Broken down on the motorway? Looking to add a new driver to your policy? The roadside assistance industry is not only a service but a helpline for people in stressful situations. We know the industry so well that we are the preferred provider for the American Automobile Association.

How we help roadside assistance:

  • Never left stranded

    With our integrated system, which streamlines and unifies your document and processes, answering and resolving calls is the only concern your team have. Employees answer more calls in less time, resulting in lowers costs and better service levels – meaning whether you're stuck on the motorway or in the country, you call will always get answered quickly.

  • Destressing customer in their moment of need

    Customers may call in a distressed situation, with Panviva they’re answered by upbeat and self-assured agents that can quickly dispatch assistance. How? Employees are notified when policy or processes change, empowering them to know they’re always giving accurate and relevant information.

  • Analyse, decide & innovate

    We capture insights and trends from your content and searches. This helps your team to make informed decisions and share new ideas, by analyzing the data. This means your team are always transforming and innovating on the best ways to meet customers needs.

Some of our customers have achieved

  • 60%

    reduction in training times

  • 25%

    reduction in average handling time

  • 20%

    increase in first call resolution

Featured Case Study

Mid Atlantic and Panviva

" Our customers call because their vehicles are broken down on the road and they are distressed. Call center agents using Panviva are upbeat, selfassured, and able to reassure and dispatch great help quickly. That level of confident comfort for stranded callers is a big part of what separates us from other vehicle assistance providers.

Our First Call Resolution has increased by 20% and Average Handling Time scores have been reduced by 25%.” 

- COO, Mid Atlantic

Join Mid Atlantic and our other utility providers to transform your customer experience

Roadside Assistance Customers

AAA Mid Atlantic
AAA North East
AAA Washington

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