Digital Transformation

Adapting and embracing new technologies is essential for organizations to thrive in the digital age. With Panviva, we create a seamless transition from the old to the new, breaking traditional boundaries. For us, we like to connect the digital dots.

How we digitally transform your organization

  • Cloud system

    Our knowledge management system is a cloud-based service. This means your knowledge is managed and stored so that you can access it remotely or in the office. This gives you and your team instant access, flexibility and connection wherever you’re working.

  • Integrated APIs

    Being consistent across both your internal and external channels is the key to successful customer and employee experiences. Connect your knowledge to web, IVR, mobile apps and self-service portals with our connectors to ensure seamless collaboration of knowledge throughout your organization.

  • Nugget

    Our latest addition to the team, this bot helps your remote teams connect, collaborate and share company information easily. Waiting for a response online can be timely and frustrating when trying to just do your job. With Nugget, he has the information right there for you, all the time.

Some of our favorite numbers:

  • 80%

    reduction in order entry rates

  • 60%

    reduction in training times

  • 45%

    increase in employee productivity

See how teams are digitally transforming with Panviva

BT 80% reduction in error rate

Support Point takes the thinking out of every process. It knows what the user’s trying to do and literally pushes the right information and procedures to them. It’s a key element in our aim to be number one for customer service. Not only has SupportPoint almost completely reduced our error rates, but it’s helping to bring in more revenue, faster.”

- Daryl Szebesta, Director Service Delivery

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