Customers (CX)

Customers now expect not just a service, but an experience. From checking your website, to using your online chat or to the conversation they have with an agent. Harness the power of a digital transformation with Panviva’s omnichannel, ensuring your customers get the answer on time, at the right time.

How we improve your customer experience

  • Reduce talk time

    No one likes being left on hold listening to background music. With Panviva, your agents’ can resolve a customer query instantly because the answer is just one click away. This frees up more time for both your team and your customer. Some of our customers have reduced their talk time by 12%.

  • Escalations no more

    In an ideal world, customers can raise a concern, and it can be resolved without needing to raise it to management level. Some of our customers have reduced customer escalations by a whopping 75%!

  • Consistency & streamlined brand

    With our omnichannel, your organization's knowledge is streamlined across all your channels both internally and externally. This means that your customer experience team corroborate the same brand message that’s seen on your external customer channels like your website.

Some of our favorite CX numbers

  • 19%

    reduction in handling times

  • 12%

    reduction in talk time

  • 75%

    reduction in escalations

  • 20%

    increase in first call resolution

See how AAA Mid Atlantic are transforming their CX with Panviva

AAA Mid Atlantic needed to boost their CX teams’ confidence in answering calls to stranded customers, to help resolve a stressful situation. They increased their First Call Resolution (FCR) has increased by 20% and reduced their average handling time by 25%. 

Perhaps the most important benefit is that with Panviva our agents have tremendous confidence. Our customers call because their vehicles are broken down on the side of the road and they are distressed. Agents taking those calls with help from Panviva are upbeat, self-assured, and in full command of their people skills to reassure and quickly dispatch assistance. That confidence is a lifeline and comfort for stranded callers and it’s a big part of what separates us” 

COO, AAA Mid Atlantic.

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