Women in Tech: A Male’s Perspective

Published: Monday, November 2nd, 2020

Recently, our Head of Customer Advocacy – Kristina said “Tech businesses need more women and more diversity to optimise their innovation and success. Jump in and give it a shot!” - and it’s something that has really resonated with me.

There are numerous articles and books written on how to guide women pursuing a career in tech - a mostly male dominated industry. However, my thoughts are, there is more guidance needed for leaders on how diversity and equality in the workplace benefits us all. Gender diverse companies are 15% more likely to perform above the national industry median. That figure speaks for itself and is hard for leaders to ignore.

Gender inequality should not just be a concern for women, it’s important for men also. Male leaders and colleagues play a crucial role in influencing change within workplace culture and equality. No one should miss out on an opportunity or promotion based on their gender or race. But, how can leaders influence this change?

The first way to accelerate gender equality is the most obvious one: the pay gap. Outlining salaries and pay brackets for a job role, before starting to interview, removes the basis for inequality based on gender or race. 2020 has encouraged transparency and commitment in how organisations hire.

Be a mentor. Every day is a school day and experienced advice can be invaluable. This advice can include everything from soft to hard skills and asking for a pay rise to knowing how to make your voice heard.

Covid-19 has shown us how flexible work arrangements are achievable in any role, in any part of the world. Organisations should embrace and encourage remote and flexible work life. Offering both maternity and paternity leave highlights how an organisation values the role of both the mother and father in the family. Remote work options can help to relieve the stress of childcare, allowing working mothers continue to succeed in their role while also balancing family life.

It’s time for men to become allies in advancing the gender equality movement to create meaningful change. An inclusive workplace is beneficial for everyone.

At Panviva, 35% of our workforce is female, which is made up of some extraordinarily talented women, and we’re hoping that our partnership with Girls In Tech amplifies our reach to add more female tech team members.

We’re proud to support women in technology and hope Panviva can help pave the way to close the gender gap. We’re looking to add some new members to our great team. Check out our latest jobs #werehiring