Sustainability: the real winner in digital transformation

Published: Monday, December 7th, 2020

Once just a paragraph in a company mission statement, committing to green initiatives has now become a priority for most businesses. Focusing efforts that do good for the environment, people and planet, is now considered a huge cost saving and business appeal. There is 16% higher employee productivity in companies with great CSR performance and as well as that, nearly 80% of global investors say they focus more on sustainability now than they did five years ago. Digital transformation has helped drive the sustainability revolution, and businesses should learn to embrace them together.

Name a better double act

We’re already massive advocates here for digital transformation because every day we’re helping to connect the digital dots for our customers. Digital transformation acts as a catalyst for real change in sustainability initiatives. It’s simple really when you think about it; converting all your documents to online ones – saves paper waste or emailing payslips instead of posting – saves your carbon footprint. So, what are other ways digital transformation acts as the quiet hero?

Flexible workforce

Digital tools have helped employees and businesses connect from anywhere in the world. Digitalising your communication and work related documents mean there’s more flexibility to work from home or even the other side of the globe! This helps reduce the commuter traffic with less cars on the road, thus helping with lowering carbon emissions.

Screens over paper

We’re big believers in the benefits of digitalising all your internal knowledge into one centralised interface. Not only does it help with efficiency, productivity and accuracy, it also means your team can go paperless. For example, if you’re in the roadside assistance industry, your drivers can have a tablet that holds all the information they need to help customers and can also share it instantly with the office team without ever needing a single printed document. Daniel Newman writing in Forbes noted how, “Cloud storage helps eliminate paper waste and the overhead costs of traditional storage and secure shredding. It also makes accessing documents from anywhere even easier.”

Reliability, Accuracy & Precision

Digitalised knowledge and processes advance the accuracy and reliability of operations. You can easily track and efficiently plan how you run your business – this is especially helpful if you’re shipping products or managing a supply chain. This helps on time, product and resource waste.

Why should you embrace it?

Digital transformation doesn’t just save on resources, it saves a huge amount of money. Flexible working means cheaper office overheads, documents stored on a cloud reduces stationary costs and a greener approach means greater customer appeal. Products marketed as sustainable grew by x5.6 faster than regular products. Accenture estimated digital transformation could lower pollutant emissions in the logistics industry by as much as 3.6 billion metric tons by 2025. When sustainability and digital transformation meet, greater change happens.

Sustainability, the real winner in digital transformation

The sustainability revolution is well and truly upon us. Ethical investing and a digitalised workflow show us that this is no longer just a trend but a movement that’s here to stay. We all have our part to play in solving the world’s biggest challenges, whether that’s climate change, plastic pollution, burning fossil fuels or social inequality. The unlikely duo of sustainability and digital transformation may just be the shift in focus all businesses need.

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