With increasing competition, roadside assistance providers need to deliver top-notch service

Published: Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

As competition increases among roadside assistance providers, so does the need to deliver a top-notch member experience. A persistent pain point among roadside assistance clubs is responding to stranded motorists in the fastest time frame possible. The ability to quickly gather logistics and capture critical details—while offering the reassurance and customer service that earns members’ continued loyalty—is the single biggest predictor of member satisfaction.

Why is contact center agility so important?

Unpredictable spikes in the demand for roadside assistance—due to weather fluctuations, seasonal peak travel times, or natural disasters—can catch your clubs off-guard. And, when hold times stretch longer, the result is frustrated agents and dissatisfied members. Companies who use knowledge-management platforms to meet these challenges have experienced exceptional results.

When armed with the right tools, member service agents build trust from the first point of contact. At the same time, because agents have access to the right information at the right time, cost per calls are reduced, member satisfaction increases and brand loyalty is increased. Panviva’s model offers flexibility that scales to match demand—offering real results in real time. On average, Panviva customers experience:

75% average reduction in call escalations 80% average decrease in error rates 25% average reduction in call handling times

Is your club doing all it can to provide an exceptional member experience?

The best way to deliver a stellar member experience is to arm your agents with the right information and tools to do their jobs efficiently and effectively the first time! Designed to deliver consistent and accurate content across multiple channels and drive consistency of message, Panviva’s technology:

  • Empowers agents to deliver real-time, personalized, intelligent information across the Omnichannel—further boosting customer retention, loyalty and referrals—positively impacting your bottom line.
  • Allows for split-second agent response time.
  • Covers your entire digital landscape—IVRs humans and bots.
  • Lowers cost of self-service or agent-directed member service calls.
  • Reduces errors.

Panviva’s approach to content is also unique. Information is presented as needed in “chunks” and “layers,” not in large PDF or Word documents. Agents find answers fast. The result is a smooth flowing, easy conversation with members and a quick resolution. Panviva’s intuitive authoring tool requires no HTML coding or IT assistance—changes can be made and published in seconds.

To learn more about how Panviva can help you improve the member experience, take a test drive here. Panviva understands the unique needs of roadside assistance clubs and has a team of experts waiting to help you on your journey to delivering top-notch service—improving member satisfaction AND your bottom line!

About Panviva

Panviva is reinventing the Omnichannel customer experience and empowering its clients to deliver real-time information to further boost customer retention, loyalty and growth in today’s digital era. Only Panviva software stores knowledge in a single repository and delivers seamless, consistent, personalized and on-demand information, enhancing the Omnichannel customer experience. Global companies across multiple industries rely on Panviva to boost their digital transformation and revitalize their business and customer engagement strategies.