Five Minutes with Zhenya Elgart

Published: Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

Beginning his IT career as a graduate IT consultant at PWC, Zhenya then moved onto Panviva in Tech Support position and has been here ever since.

‘’Switching from a big corporation to a start-up (at the time) offered me a lot of variety in my role and gave me the opportunity to work directly with the end-user. I’ve also been able to learn different technologies.”

With over 17 years at Panviva his experience and knowledge are invaluable and for that reason he is often the lead in many complex customer related projects.

“My most recent experience where I had great influence in a customer project was navigating the change in our company’s Identity Provider and being responsible for migrating 50 customers by a tight deadline. In terms of effort and hours worked it was challenging however once accomplished it was rewarding.”

Zhenya loves combining problem solving and customer conversations. He believes it is imperative to establish rapport with the End User to support a positive user experience.

“You can be highly skilled technically but there is a level of empathy needed. To be able to listen, acknowledge and provide reassurance to the customer is just as important as solving the problem for them. I also think having tenacity is priceless when it comes to troubleshooting, it can be easier to hand ball or give up but sometimes going that extra mile and leaving no stone unturned can lead to great outcomes.”

Zhenya has been with Panviva through significant events which include the GFC, moving from on-premise to cloud, a pandemic and switching to a remote working environment and now our acquisition.

“It’s definitely been an interesting ride, that’s for sure!”.

As a creature of habit, big changes used to overwhelm young Zhenya, but he now takes it all in his stride. “The only way businesses can grow is through change, so you have to stay open-minded and be adaptable. The change from on-premise to a cloud based product came with many challenges and we had to quickly get used to new technologies and infrastructure so there was a lot to learn! Looking back, it obviously makes sense for the product direction”.

Zhenya attributes his career longevity to the relationship he developed with Panviva customers and the support and respect he has from his colleagues.

“I’m a people -person I thrive off being around others and supporting others and I find my role fulfilling because I’m able to help our user’s get the most out of the product”.

Over the years Zhenya has developed many close friendships with colleagues.

“I work with people that make me feel good to be around them. I have seen some people retire and move on that have had a significant impact on Panviva and with their departure we lose a lot of knowledge that is irreplaceable”.

Panviva has been tremendous in supporting my growth throughout my career. It is the people that make the business, so I am fortunate to work at a great place with great people and great customers, I’m excited to see what the next chapter brings!