Panviva Publishes E-Book: Building a Better Customer Experience—Tips from 10 CX Industry Experts

Published: Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

Get a jumpstart on your 2019 planning with this collection of CX insights from our top 10 industry experts

Whether you are a CX leader, a frontline employee with a passion for doing what is right for the customer, or a customer yourself, our new e-book—Building a Better Customer Experience—Tips from 10 CX Industry Experts—contains valuable lessons and takeaways for those looking to build a better customer experience in 2019.

We’ve gathered insights from 10 of the leading influencers and innovators in the customer experience (CX) field. Each contributing author has shared his or her tried and true secrets for building that rare combination of happy agents and loyal customers that we all want our organizations to champion.

We begin with Roy Atkinson who discusses the phenomenon known as “friction,” which in short, is anything that complicates the experience for customers or gets in the way of them getting the service they expect. Next, Jeanne Bliss presents strategies and tactics that teach leaders how to avoid taking on too much, too soon—a concept she terms “boiling the ocean” and instead, breaking CX down into easily digestible bite-size pieces. Megan Burns then talks about culture and how to change it for the better in your organization.

We then tackled phrases customers hate (Shep Hyken), standout contact centers (Erica Marois) and omnichannel vs. multichannel (Peter Lavers). You’ll learn to never have anyone at your organization utter the deadly “This is not my department” phrase to a customer, how to avoid short-term thinking, and discover why empowered agents are part in parcel of standout contact centers and in turn, happy customers.

We conclude with articles that explain how to move beyond the ‘state of now’ (Greg Ortbach), what you need for a great customer experience (Jeff Toister), how to think differently for a better customer experience (Steve Pappas), and how to transform your organization into the customer insight machine (Jeremy Watkin).

As customer experience influencer Stephen Pappas states, “Give your customers a seat at the table, keep your customer in mind at each step, and ensure your employees look at everything through the lens of the customer,” and this theme resonates throughout the articles in this collection.

Once you have grasped the lessons and strategies presented by our influencers and implemented them into your organization with some success, be sure not to rest on your laurels or be a one-trick pony to your customers. Customers need to know you are committed to these improvements, as do your frontline agents.

So, we implore you to take these nuggets and mold them into your own and then deliver the goods to your customers and agents and then do it again and again—until every customer is satisfied and every frontline agent loves coming to work.

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