Panviva Announces New Partnership with PowerHouse Consulting

Published: Friday, July 19th, 2019

Nashua, NH (June 14, 2018) Panviva—the premier provider of cloud-based knowledge management solutions and real-time performance support—announced today they have formed a partnership with PowerHouse Consulting. PowerHouse Consulting specializes in all aspects of call centers and telecommunications, working with senior management and their organizations to align operational practices with corporate vision. PowerHouse and Panviva will work hand-in-hand to help clients achieve their most important business goal—protecting the customer experience!

“We’re really excited about this partnership because PowerHouse is one of the premier contact center consulting companies in the US,” said Stephen Pappas, SVP of Panviva’s North American Operations. “Combining our technology with PowerHouse’s consultants and practitioner’s skills and experience powers up a scalable and successful model resulting in a real win-win-win for everyone—Panviva, PowerHouse and most importantly, the client!”

Through this new partnership, PowerHouse will go into complex organizations such as healthcare, financial services and hospitals where they will provide consulting for a higher level of efficiency in the contact centers of those organizations. “This creates synergy with the organizations with whom we consult,” says Pappas. “They help build content for our customers and help them streamline processes and procedures for more efficient content development.”

Panviva’s cloud-based knowledge management software enables PowerHouse to introduce an important tool for streamlining information delivery within the Contact Center. Panviva and PowerHouse complement one another as they share common markets, use cases, and have similar approaches to process mapping with the goal of performance improvement through immediate information access. The results can be dramatic. By replacing piles of printed materials or folders full of PDF documents with succinct online information relevant to each step of the call, customer driven processes such as appointment scheduling or applying for a loan are completed in less time and with greater accuracy.

“PowerHouse strives to consistently exceed client expectations by providing incomparable service and superior process improvement strategies,” says Kathleen Peterson, CVO of PowerHouse Consulting. “Our full suite of consulting services helps clients determine their strategic direction, identify gaps between current and future state, and select optimum solutions. Working with Panviva, we hope to continue to assist our clients with the important work of training and information architecture”.

About PowerHouse Consulting:

PowerHouse Consulting is an internationally recognized professional consulting firm specializing in all aspects of Contact Centers and Telecommunications. They specialize in Strategic Planning, Contact Center Assessments and Solutions, Telecommunications Assessments and Procurements, Workforce Optimization, Custom Training Programs, and Contact Center Outsourcing Management. PowerHouse works with top management across Fortune 500 companies to develop plans that align operational practices with corporate vision— to help clients achieve their most important business goal—protecting the customer experience. Find out more at

About Panviva:

Panviva is a content and knowledge-management (KM) system providing on-demand, real-time answers that solve customers’ most immediate problems. Panviva organizes and manages content—policies, procedures, technical documentation, FAQs—into simple bites of information that customers can easily understand and customer service reps can easily explain. Panviva provides a better experience for customers because they receive the help they need from customer service reps faster. It provides a better experience for employees because they have confidence that the information they are providing is current, accurate and timely—allowing for more time spent caring for the customer rather than hunting for information. Learn more at