Improving the Customer Experience to Improve the Bottom Line

Published: Monday, July 16th, 2018

When it comes to customer experience, telecommunications companies get a bad rap. Telecom companies continue to dominate “official” lists of companies with lackluster customer service, like this one from Ranker that puts 10 telecoms in the top 50. It’s not fair to say that all telecom companies are lacking in the customer experience department, especially since service is just a part of that experience. But it’s clear there’s plenty of work to be done to change that reputation.

Take a look at the top three things plaguing the customer experience and what you can do to turn it around:

#1 – Not Providing a Consistent Experience

One of the biggest complaints about telecoms is an inconsistent level of service. They might wait five minutes on hold one day, and an hour the next time they call. They might be transferred five times before someone can finally resolve their issue. Their case details might not be recorded well, so not every person involved might know what’s already been done and what’s in progress. In other words, every interaction is a potluck, and it shouldn’t be this way.

#2 – Not Being Customer Centric

Many telecom organizations are accused of being business-centric rather than acting in the customer’s best interest. There are no warm handovers when transferring customers. The same questions are asked repeatedly, which delays any resolution. Customer service teams stick to scripts and sound robotic rather than speaking on a person-to-person level and being an advocate for the customer.

#3 – There’s a Lack of Follow Up

Perhaps most damaging is the lack of follow up involved in resolving issues. That is, customers must pursue the organization rather than the business proactively reaching out to the customer. Ultimately, it’s a more complicated process for the customer, and many times issues will go unresolved simply because not enough accountability is placed on the company.

How Panviva Can Improve Your Bottom Line by Improving CX

The telecom industry has one of the highest churn rates. When your customers start leaving, you’re forced to constantly chase new business, which can be costly. The good news is it’s not a lost cause. Panviva was developed to create a more cohesive process to CX and reduce the above challenges. By fostering communication, collaboration, and standardization, employees are better positioned to create a consistent, customer-centric experience that can keep your customers happy.