Are your patient scheduling practices slowing you down?

Published: Saturday, June 30th, 2018

“Panviva makes it easy to create cohesion among schedulers to minimize wait time and maximize efficiency.” — Steve Pappas

Scheduling patients is no easy feat, even for seasoned schedulers. On one hand, you don’t want to keep your patients waiting if they made an appointment. You realize they have jobs and families to get back to, and spending more time than necessary in your office might make their visit their last. However, you also want to help as many patients as possible in a given day. Patients could be running late or fail to show up altogether, which means the time they wasted could have been better spent on another patient.

Scheduling your patients to minimize wait time and maximize your provider’s services can be difficult, especially when you have multiple people trying to manage the same schedule. One remedy that’s been proven to help is establishing a cohesive scheduling process that leaves no need for gut instinct or guesswork.

The benefits of an established patient scheduling process

Whether you’re a general medical office or a specialty practice, there are many variables that go into scheduling a patient. New patients may require more time for paperwork and diagnosis. Different ailments may require different lengths of time with the provider. If the doctor orders tests, x-rays, or other procedures, you must be able to schedule the patient appropriately.

Having a pre-established plan spelled out can help remove the guesswork when scheduling patients. Those in charge of booking appointments should know how long certain procedures or consultations will take in order to maximize the provider’s schedule.

Having a plan makes it easy when a new scheduler joins the team, especially since scheduling requirements vary by practice. This way, everyone understands the number of patients you can accommodate each day and how to make the most of the provider’s time without creating gaps in the schedule or forcing patients to wait longer than necessary.

How Panviva is transforming patient scheduling practices

As a centralized, cloud-based knowledge management system, Panviva was created specifically for challenges in the healthcare industry. With features designed to tackle the problems of patient scheduling, Panviva makes it easy to create cohesion among schedulers to minimize wait time and maximize efficiency.

For more detailed information about how you can improve the patient experience, view our Patient Access webinar here!