5 minutes with Kristina Chaston

Published: Thursday, October 8th, 2020

5 minutes with Kristina Chaston

A Youth Worker who has spent the last 15+ years in the tech space, passionate about people, especially building relationships with customers and supporting her teams to develop – meet Kristina, our Head of Customer Advocacy.

Kristina has been with Panviva for 4 years and is often referred to as “Momma K” around the office because she’s always looking out for everyone and the best person to seek some advice from.

A day in the life of Head of Customer Advocacy

Kristina is an early bird starting most mornings with some meetings with the US team (the 14 hours' time difference means 6am starts for the AUS team!) or customers. She then “checks in with my team, project updates, one or two strategy sessions in there somewhere, maybe a webinar, product planning meetings or updates.... There is nothing typical except I’ll be in meetings most of the day!

Kristina is constantly working with a lot of the teams in Panviva, from marketing to sales, product to devops on various projects. At the minute she’s working on a massive project that will change how we get feedback and communicate as a team. “I am super excited – I'm about to commence implementation of a performance management and feedback tool across the business giving staff greater ways to gain feedback and engage their manager.

Customer wise, the CAC is always looking to improve the way we deliver comms and support to customers and we’re making some enhancements there for new product changes and team engagements too.

When we asked Kristina what work-related accomplishment that she’s most proud of, she delivered a classic Momma K answer; “The achievements of some of the people I have worked with – whether I hired them or had the opportunity to work alongside them, they done some great things for themselves, I’m proud to have been involved.

Working in tech

When talking about how Kristina joined the tech industry, she says that “Truthfully, nothing – I fell into tech. I love that tech is always re-inventing, using the latest and greatest tools to do the important things in life better. Tech makes life better.

Discussing influence and who we can take guidance from, Kristina is constantly learning from others, not just one person. “I think it’s important to remember that no one is perfect and, especially when it comes to dealing with people, we’re all different. For that reason, I like to take learning (positive and negative) from everyone I can.

We’re fortunate in Panviva that we have a strong female workforce and like many of her colleagues, Kristina supports “several groups and attend events whenever possible. There’s so many options out there like Girls in Tech Australia, Code like a Girl and Microsoft’s Codes Australia.

What advice would you give to any young girls considering a career in the tech industry?

Tech is the future – we use it more and more every day, it’s a great industry to be in! There are endless ways to be a part of the industry too, you don’t need to be the most technically trained though there are endless ways to learn if you want to know more. Tech businesses need more women and more diversity to optimise their innovation and success. Jump in and give it a shot!

Other things you may not have known about Kristina

Momma K in the office and at home - when she’s not working, Kristina loves spending time with her kids, cooking and whenever time allows, relaxing with a book!

If you could only have three apps on your smartphone, which would you pick?
WhatsApp so I can video call my family/friends, Camera/Photos because I love recording what my kids get up too, a gym app to plan my gym sessions (currently using The Bod).

Top 3 favourite Podcasts/Books?
Anything by Brene Brown, Culture First by Culture Amp and Unstoppable with Kerwin Rae.

If you could add one thing to Panviva’s office, what would it be?
A rooftop deck so we could enjoy the views on a Friday afternoon.

One thing your colleagues wouldn’t know about you.
I was a big troublemaker in my teenage years, caused plenty of heartache for my parents but made me who I am today.

What is the one thing that you believe to be true that very few others do?
I am hilarious! Unfortunately, it’s often only me laughing....


Coffee or Tea?
Both, almost equally!

Android or Apple?

Cats or Dogs?

Early bird or night owl?
Early bird, without a doubt!