5 minutes with Dawn Corrente

Published: Friday, November 27th, 2020

A self-confessed creative junkie and being part of a product that was chosen for a NASA mission, meet Dawn, our Marketing Director. Dawn has been with Panviva for close to 3 years now and works from our US headquarters.

A day in the life of a Marketing Director

Marketing comprises of everything from events to emailing, print to digital and social media to traditional media. No two days are the same, and there is constantly a new project to be worked on!

“My day can vary. I juggle between campaign strategy, event marketing and logistics, sales support and graphic design on daily basis. Generally, I focus on prioritizing projects that generate leads or provide sales support.”

Like many aspects of our business, Covid-19 has had a massive effect on how we market our product and reach our customers. “I’ve had to reach into my start-up skills and, in some ways, re-invent marketing to think of new ways to penetrate the market differently.”

“A lot of our target industries and customers are quickly having to pivot and move their workforce and contact centers to home offices. Since our software is perfect for getting organizations back on track with guidance, engagement as well as training and onboarding – it’s been my primary focus these days.”

Working in tech

When talking tech, Dawn mentions that her “first experience in the tech industry was for a company that manufactured a specialized mouse for 3D Design in my early 20s. The technology was eventually chosen for a NASA mission – which was exciting. It got me hooked on the excitement of innovation. Soon after, I enjoyed being part of the process of new product development from an aesthetics standpoint at my next hi-tech company. This confirmed that fact that I loved all aspects of design.”

“From then on, I decided to make my niche in tech. I love the excitement of bringing new technological products and services to market and being on the leading edge of the industry. From infrared systems, government defense and computer software, B2B in the tech industry is my go-to. I find that I create and strategize best when I am excited about a product or service because it’s an industry in which I am very comfortable. Working at Panviva has taught me a lot about focusing more on the ‘other’ side of technology, the people. The teams I work with have such a passion for employees and customer experience, it's refreshing.”

The tech industry involves lots of cross-functional teams and efforts to bring about a new product – this means that everyone gets to understand and appreciate other departments and their role. “While I enjoy creating the essential marketing strategies that are required to keep sales busy and filling the pipeline, one perk I enjoy is when I am asked to help with product improvements, especially user interface (UI). For Panviva, I create homepages and process maps primarily for the proof of concept portion of the sales process. I think the prospective customer enjoys seeing the effort on our part as well as the visual of seeing their potential Panviva instance in action – even without a commitment. It’s the extra step we take to show a prospect that we will go the extra mile if they become a customer. We even have customers ask us to strategize and create visuals for them to get the best out of Panviva, which it not just design, but problem-solving.”

What advice would you give to a woman considering a career in the tech industry?

“I think the design and marketing industries are a bit misunderstood. Some people don’t realize how thick-skinned you need to be. Everybody can look at a painting in a museum, for example, and see it differently. Some like it, some do not, some are unsure. Same way with the marketing and design industry. You can work hard for days on a concept or a marketing idea and a decision maker can say, “Nope. Not what I had in mind. Try again.” From there you can’t take it personally just take a moment, or two, and start again.”

“With the innovation today, I would recommend the tech industry with no hesitation. So much teamwork is required to bring all the pieces together for success – from developers, manufacturers, product specialists, sales and marketing coming together with one goal. I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and each experience is something new, something learned, and I’ve met so many great people along the way. I would love to see more women in tech because it is challenging and evolving every day. The industry is not just developers and manufacturing, there are so many other roles, talent and diversity required, so I say go for it!”

Other things you may not have known about Dawn

When not in the office, the creative juices are flowing! “I’m a creative junkie. I love photography and painting. I’ve also dabbled in candle-making and I also taught painting classes on the weekends some years ago. Recently, I moved to a new home and I am learning a lot about do-it-yourself home improvement projects. Otherwise, I simply love being with family friends and my two dogs.”

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