5 Minutes with Paul Beliavskis

Published: Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

How I got started in Tech

“I always had an interest in technology and growing up witnessed how it was shaping the future, so I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.”

After completing his degree in IT and commencing the job hunt, he applied for a graduate position at Panviva. By coincidence, his former lecturer Rohit Lakhanpal happened to be the Development Manager (now Head of Innovation).

Paul initially started as a Graduate Developer, which progressed into Senior Developer and over the past two years Paul has transitioned to Panviva’s Technical Lead.

“I enjoy solving problems and each day in tech there generally is a new problem, so work is never boring.”

Leveling up

In the space of 5 years Paul has experienced significant growth starting as a Graduate Developer his curiosity and determination to learn and excel landed him the role as Tech Lead. In his time Paul has led some key Panviva projects including the deployment and development of Panviva Nugget, the Panviva document feedback system (Collaboration Hub) and more recently some exciting new product evolutions yet to be released.

Paul’s career highlight to date is his promotion to Tech Lead. He attributes this promotion to his continuous learning and work ethic.

“To be successful you must enjoy it so much that programming doesn’t stop at work, but you invest time upskilling outside of work by working on side project, going to meet ups and reading tech articles.”

The Adventure Seeker and Team Socialite 

Paul admits he has the travel bug and during pre-pandemic times would pick a new destination to travel to each year. He has seen most of the world but says there is somewhere new to explore.

“The top two places I’ve visited would be Barcelona because I love the language, the sunshine and the vibe of the city as a whole and the other would be Banff in Canada, I love to snow board and I went there with a fun group of friends.”

Paul is a thrill-seeking adventurer. “I’ve sky dived over the mountains in Queenstown NZ and it’s one of the best experiences of my life, I’ve never felt more alive”.

Paul is usually the man behind the social events at Panviva which in the past have included go-karting and paintballing and The Escape Room challenge.

“We are a small team, so you become like family, so it’s great to be able to stay connected outside of work.”

To experience the same growth that Paul has had with Panviva get in touch today Careers@panviva.com


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