5 Minutes with Daniel Clarke

Published: Thursday, June 10th, 2021

To us he is known as Clarkey! He is a lover of good food, a passion he shares with his fiancé Kathy. Kathy and Dan are known as @bigmelbmelbappettie on Instagram (shameless plug) they take their 26k followers across a journey exploring and reviewing Melbourne’s best and not so great food.

What is your background? How did you come to work at Panviva? 

Like many when Dan left high school, he had no idea what he wanted to do. “I ended up accepting an entry-level marketing and events position at a Credit Union, I then went on to work for a digital design agency and obtained my degree in Graphic Design. It was there I discovered I had a love for print design, typography, and a little bit of illustration.”

At that point in his career Dan realised Graphic Design was typically for print and advertising and digital was only a small component. “I remember a company I worked for spent big bucks on billboards and it became difficult to track the ROI so digital design opened a whole new world of possibilities”.

Dan has also worked with AI and Machine learning for a software company which was a role more focused on data visualisation, it was there he realised he sought a more product focused position. “Panviva allows me to widen my approach to product design and plan the growth of a product over time. It’s exciting to be involved in the creation of new features for a product that is used for some pretty big customers.”

What made you choose a career as a Product Owner/UX Designer?

Dan entered the world of tech for a start-up company in the education space, initially in Marketing as a Designer. As the business grew Dan’s position evolved into the Product Owner/UX Designer.

Dan has also done a bit of freelancing which included working on big projects with fun clients including a major bank. “It was through my freelancing work with various software vendors my curiosity in UX and UI design grew, and I became obsessed with understanding the usability of a product.”

What advice would you give someone considering a position as a UX Designer and or Product Owner?

“Two pieces of advice. Listen to your users and trust your user”.


Coffee or Tea?


Android or Apple?


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Night owl or early bird?

Midday Moose -is that acceptable?

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Holiday at home or abroad?