5 Minutes with Belinda Eu

Published: Thursday, May 27th, 2021

A self-confessed gamer, Bel is our Customer Advocacy Lead at Panviva. Belinda leads the Panviva customer support team in managing inbound inquiries and keeping our customers informed and updated with new product releases and information. When she’s not supporting our customers, she’s usually deep in gaming mode - streaming mini-games on twitch.

A day in the life of our Customer Advocacy Centre – Team Lead

Bel is passionate about keeping the customer at the forefront whilst looking after her staff.

“I like that I can see both worlds of technology and customer service. I have to translate tech jargon into business-friendly terms for customers".

"I love my team! they are such a bunch of hard workers and they the job so enjoyable.”


Working in tech 

Belinda admits that she was not actively seeking a career in tech but was more interested in combining her passion for tech coupled with her strengths in customer service.

“Honestly, I fell into tech professionally. My last role was at an IT Helpdesk, and I moved up the ranks into a leadership role. But aside from career, I love computers and fiddling around with them and my brother and Dad both work in tech for big Australian corporations.”

What advice would you give someone looking to start a career in Tech 

Belinda is committed to supporting her staff and encouraging their professional development growth and encourages anyone considering the move to tech to take the leap!

“If you’re finding that you’re hitting blockers, start small and work your way up. Get experience in a role that is a little bit tech and a little bit customer service and use that as your steppingstone. Sometimes we need to start with catching little fish before we’re able to catch bigger fish.”