Knowledge Management

Knowledge is your organization's most valuable asset - policies to plans, systems to solutions and everything in between. When employees have easy access to connect, collaborate and share company knowledge it helps not only employee productivity but overall business costs. In fact, 74% of organizations estimate that effective knowledge management disciplines increase company productivity by 10-40%. 

In short, an effective knowledge management system allows the access and ability to collaborate on internal company information easily.

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Why you need it?

  • Centralized place for everything

    The average employee spends approx. 2 hours a day trying to source company knowledge. With Panviva, we help store everything in one centralized and accessible place, inspiring your team for customer success. Sarah, “Panviva allowed us to determine a single source of truth for our operations. We removed the ambiguity for Asset Management.”

  • Relevant, consistent and timely information

    With our cloud-based software, when you update your knowledge, the entire organization has access to it. We streamline and unify your knowledge so that your team always has the right information at the right time.

  • Secure, safe & never lost

    Our system is cloud based so that your knowledge is secure and safe at all times. This means it can never be lost, even when an employee leaves the organization or a laptop breaks down.

  • Less searching, more time

    Forget spending hours searching emails or group chats, with our transformative features, your teams can find the right answer in seconds. Giving them more time to concentrate on what really matters, focusing on business growth and success.

  • Single Source of truth

    The best way your employees can communicate with your customers is a consistent one. Unify and coordinate employee knowledge so that everyone has the same updated information, delivering the same brand message.

  • Seamless collaboration

    Harness the power of digital communication. Whether your teams are working in the office or from home, they can easily share, collaborate and coordinate content, searches and knowledge.



We’re all about making things easier here at Panviva, and so, setting up your knowledge system doesn’t have to be difficult. With templates and reusable content, you can structure, style and organize your content without the need for code or your IT team!


Layered Content

Forget about two screens or endless scrolling. Our software allows you to layer content, arming your team with all the information they need in an uninterrupted navigation.

Layered Content

Customization & Security

We already know that knowledge is invaluable, so it needs to be protected. We use SSO to streamline your access. 

You can control access, content and permissions all at the click of a button.

  • We use SSO to streamline your access

  • Restrict content your teams can see

  • Update your permissions in just a click!


Our navigation has been thoughtfully designed with a focus on the users. Our features amplify this:

  • Powerful Search

    Predictive and saved searches and “did you mean” functionality to cover typos.

  • Quick Links

    Visual options to make your content interactive

  • Information Architecture

    Easy drop down menus for segmented content

  • Favorites

    One-click access to your top documents


Like having a personal assistant, team members get alerted on all relevant and timely updates. For example, if a policy is changed or a task needs to be completed, your team will be notified. You can even track when changes are read, meaning your team are informed every minute of the day.



Data helps make decisions. We capture insights and trends from your content and searches for your team to present, share and analyze. Everything can be saved, reported and shared.


  • - 50%

    Reduce training time

  • + 45%

    Increase productivity

  • - 20%

    Reduce handling time

  • - 80%

    Reduce order entry error rates

  • Reduce time looking for answers

  • Better security

  • Single source of truth

  • Improved content quality


What do Telstra, Origin and Westpac have in common?

Yep, they all use our knowledge management software! Ready to centralize your knowledge too?

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