What is knowledge Management (KM)?
And why should your business care?

When information is delivered with context, checked for accuracy and actually solves complex problems for your employees and your customers it becomes knowledge.
Without knowledge, your business can become chaotic - affecting compliance, productivity and your customers. We've spent years perfecting a way to help businesses with this struggle.

What does this actually mean?

With Panviva software, the right answer is available every time in
just a few clicks. We empower everyone in your business from your
contact center to your back office.

Our knowledge base covers 3 key areas

Create simple targeted content
that your users will love.

Simplify the way you manage your
knowledge so you can stay compliant.

Create a culture of knowledge
share in your one-stop KM shop.

Some of the features our customers can't live without!


Great news! We have the simplest editor ever. No code, no customization!

An editor made for business people to quickly create content.
Use templates and reusable content to slash the time it takes to get up and running.
Did we mention NO IT department required to create or change your templates?

Layered Content

Stop the endless scrolling for your team!

We let you chunk and layer your content with a bunch of easy tools. Zoom in and out of your knowledge nuggets from process view, to task view to scripting.
Instantly become an expert in creating content your team actually want to read.

Scripts and steps for simple instructions
Task flows provide quick access
Customizable homepage for roles and teams
Layered content adds extra support when needed

Customized Access

Create users and roles quickly and easily!
We let your business control who can see specific content and who has access to certain functionality.

We use SSO to
streamline your access.

Restrict content your
teams can see.

Need to update your permissions?
No stress, you can do it in just a click!


We've got audit covered!
Create workflows in seconds to review and approve your content, with end to end audit trail. We have supercharged the way your knowledge is governed. You can even plan ahead and schedule your reviews. We have full tracking and recording available on all of your content.
Did we mention NO IT department to create or change your workflows?


Your team will find the answer they need in seconds!
We're eliminating a single point of search failure by providing you navigation options:

Powerful search

We have your typos covered with our 'did you mean' functionality.
Plus we have predictive and saved search options to help save time.

Information Architecture

You create simple drill-down for your team to click through topics that make sense to them.
Did we mention NO IT department to set or change this?

Quick Links

We want to make your content interactive' So we have created visual navigation options.
And yes, this means you can have a process view


We know your team wants one-click access to their top documents!
Yes, this automatically updates as your content changes.

Collaboration Hub

Make continuous improvement easy!

  • Your team can rate or submit feedback on your content in just one click!
  • Remove the crazy administration time to manage your feedback.
  • Track and record your feedback as it moves through your business.
  • Collate your feedback in one place to highlight gaps and opportunities.


Keep up to date!

  • Targeted notifications let your team know instantly when a policy, process or product changes.
  • Replace emails and briefings with tracking and reporting to monitor when changes are read.
  • Receive alerts when you have tasks that need to be completed.


Make data driven decisions!
We capture insights for your team, your content and your search to help you drive change.

Find your top user, team or
document in one click.

Save your
favorite reports.

Share visual charts
across your business.

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See the power of Panviva!

Here is why you need us...

We are here to solve your KM problems.

  • Reduce training time
  • Reduce speed to competency
  • Reduce compliance breaches
  • Reduce hold times
  • Reduce AHT
  • Reduce the need for support staff
  • Reduce the time to find answers
  • Increase NPS
  • Increase team engagement
  • Increase content quality

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