Firstly, what is Nugget?

Nugget is a bot who can provide your team with automated answers, giving them extra time to deal with more complex issues. He also captures knowledge gaps (some information you may not have thought that needs to be added) and picks up on trending topics (COVID-19, working from home etc.).

Can Nugget help while our team is working from home?

Nugget helps your remote teams connect, collaborate and share company information easily. Waiting for a response online can be timely and frustrating when trying to just do your job. With Nugget, he has the information right there for you, all the time.

So, how does it work?

Download and install Nugget
(It takes less than 3 minutes!)

Use curated, tagged content to manage responses

Introduce Nugget to your team and start your transformation

Sounds great, but I'm not a developer and cannot code...

One of the best things about Nugget is that he is custom build for Microsoft Teams, so there's no need for fancy coding or designers, it's a simple click and you're good to go.

OK, I'm convinced, how do I add Nugget to Teams?

Nugget is easy to add to Microsoft Teams and can even be set up in under 3 minutes!

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