If you're serious about your Omnichannel strategy, you need dynamic knowledge nuggets.

Knowledge is not just about documents anymore! Think about it… your chat bot doesn't have space for pages and pages of content. You don't want your Virtual Assistant to read out 500 words.
You need a streamlined way to create the answers your customers need, without causing crazy duplication.
Our Digital Orchestrator provides a single source of truth to power every channel.

What does that actually mean?

Use your Panviva documents to create contextual snippets (knowledge nuggets) to answer
all your questions across IVR, chat bot, self-service portal and more!

Some of the connections our customers love!

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So, how does it work?

Create content
in Panviva
Tag the existing content
you want to share
Curate your responses to
match user's needs and channel
Deliver your knowledge
nuggets using the API Platform

Take a peak

The Magic Of Curation

Your customer has misplaced their credit card and wants to place a temporary hold. See how a single document can help them across 5 channels.

What happens if your content changes?

Great news - we have notifications and workflows to make sure you deliver the right answer every time no matter the channel!

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