So now you understand Panviva's single source of truth
knowledge base
. Wouldn't it be great if you could share this
same knowledge with others?

Why not share the product information your call center has directly with your customers?
What about those FAQs you spent so much time getting right... why should you have to duplicate those to be shared via
your website? Our API platform allows you to push your knowledge further.
Add context, share content and drive consistency for your business.

What does that actually mean?

Connect the power of your knowledge to your web, IVR, mobile applications or self-service portal.
Create your content once, and update it instantly across all channels to minimize effort and ensure consistency.

Our connectors cover 3 key areas

Content APIs
Share the content you have already
created across other channels.
Live APIs
Add context from your IVR or CRM to
push the exact knowledge needed.
Artefact APIs
Share dyamic knowledge nuggets
to any channel or device.

Why is this important?

Some of the connections our customers love!

Web FAQs

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How Panviva APIs work

Create a knowledge Eco-System to connect all your applications and channels.

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