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Panviva Case Study

Telstra is an Australian telecommunications and media company which builds and operates telecommunications networks and markets voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other entertainment products and services. Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunications company.

“Panviva allowed our operations to move from a triage environment to an operating level that allows us to create and store the information in a more beneficial structure for our agents.”

Steve McCormack
Business Project Manager, Telstra

  • Existing training material not aligned with new operation
  • Evolving role/responsibility for operation
  • Existing reference material not aligned with workflow/processes
  • No reference material for new functions
  • Impacts on Agent confidence, competency and operational efficiency with flow on impact to customers
  • Knowledge repository for our new operation
  • Documented workflow for key processes
  • Fit-for purpose content with relevant links to other knowledge repositories
  • Toolset available for all 50 Agents
  • Ability to update/manage configuration content as required
  • Easy to use/quick to update
  • Mitigate operational compliance risks
Hitting the Ground Running with Panviva

Telstra is a leading telecommunications and technology company with a growing international business, and a heritage that is proudly Australian. Telstra offers a broad suite of connectivity, media and content to consumers and businesses in Australia, cloud and other technology services to business, enterprise and government customers, as well as connectivity services to carriers globally.

As part of its efforts to provide a higher quality customer experience, the Sales & Service Channels, Consumer & Small Business Division at Telstra was responsible for setting up an innovative new operation providing phone-based account management for high net worth small and medium-sized business customers.

“We started small with 20 agents and quickly saw that the existing material was not aligned with processes. The information that was there was general. Agents first had to find the information and then piece together a workflow,” said Steve McCormack, Business Project Manager.

Facing that challenge led the Telstra team to hunt for better resources. Panviva was already deployed within Telstra as part of a strategic partnership between Telstra Ventures and Panviva.

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“Although Telstra is a global leader in Australia, we approached this venture as a startup because we were launching new business processes and operations. Our team needed to hit the ground running,” said McCormack.

The Telstra team is using Panviva for two types of applications: One is to explore and find information to solve problems that could not have been solved without Panviva. A second application is for change management: as a change tool for learning how agents think and operate.

One agent in particular uses the Panviva feedback loop to update content quickly when there has been a change to process.

The content creation and knowledge management capabilities of Panviva were incredibility important to the Telstra team in increasing both the agents’ level of competence and the quality of the customer experience. Agents no longer have to hunt for information, it is immediately available. Because customer needs are constantly changing, Telstra also appreciates the ability to build and deploy new content on the fly.

“Documented workflow is critical. Complexity gets in the way of good customer outcomes. A documented workflow enables us to manage that complexity,” McCormack said.

Serving the Modern Contact Center

As contact centers evolve globally, McCormack believes that Panviva has a unique opportunity to grow with Telstra by working collaboratively with them on improvements and advanced features for the modern contact center. For example, in addition to offering a single screen taking minimal real estate, Panviva could also provide a dual display capability that is designed for dual-screen environments.

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