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Panviva Case Study

Nevada Health Centers provides healthcare services to more than 50,000 babies, children and adults in city, rural and frontier communities throughout Nevada each year. Established in 1977, Nevada Health Centers is dedicated to providing access to quality healthcare services throughout Nevada. Nevada Health Centers is the largest provider of primary care for the uninsured, underinsured, and/or geographically isolated people in the state.

“Working with Panviva has been a very smooth sailing process. The tools and resources Panviva has given us have made my life so much easier.”

Cynthia Alofaituli
Performance Improvement Analyst, Nevada Health Centers

  • Accuracy, consistency and timely information
  • Manual paper-driven process
  • Staff frustration and declining staff morale
  • Employee productivity
  • Lack of tools and resources for a quality customer service experience
  • Major improvements in accuracy, consistency and up-to-date information
  • Higher staff productivity
  • Improved staff morale
  • More effective call handling
  • Centralized and streamlined processes
  • Better, faster and easier content development

The call center at Nevada Health Centers was overwhelmed with paper, binders and manuals. Call center staff spent countless unproductive hours searching for the right information for their patients; families in need of help. For many, Nevada Health Center’s rural and frontier clinics are their only local access to care. Getting it right and getting it right in a timely manner was critical to the center.

“We struggled. We were doing things manually. Everyone had a bunch of binders and papers and every day we had a lot of ‘cheat sheets’ that needed to be updated. All of this added up to frustration for the call center staff on top of their daily calls,” explained Cynthia Alofaituli, Performance Improvement Analyst, Nevada Health Centers.

As call center staff became more and more disenchanted with the antiqued processes, Nevada Health went in search of a new solution. Pulling together an internal team of experts, Nevada Health investigated multiple options and chose Panviva’s SupportPoint knowledge management system.

Implementing SupportPoint was a fast and easy process with little business interruption. “Working with Panviva has been a very smooth sailing process. Panviva has given us the resources and the tools that we needed so that we can effectively manage the projects provided. The content development plan was very intensive, all inclusive,” said Alofaituli.

With Panviva, Nevada Health now has a centralize database system and streamlined set of processes that make the call center reps more effective in everything that they do. Productivity and morale have both improved significantly.

“Reps love it. For them it is so much easier. Data shows they have been utilizing the tool, they are so much happier,” Alofaituli added.

As for the change from manual binders and paper floods to SupportPoint, Alofaituli calls it “revolutionary.”

“I really recommend SupportPoint. It has been so good for software development. For us, it has been a breath of fresh air that everything is right there at our fingertips. For us the change has been revolutionary.”

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