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Every worker performing better — every day
Train and Onboard for Success
Update Processes. Change Documentation. Train Faster. The Proper Systems Will Help Avoid Errors and Prepare Employees for Competence.
Employees Will Be Ready to Act When You Need Them

Knowledge is spread all over your organization from subject matter experts, to binders, to sticky notes. You are tasked with keeping processes consistent and training on point. There is no doubt that the more employees do a task the better they get at it, but with so many procedures and processes for them to remember you risk:

  • Compliance issues
  • Costly errors
  • Trouble with retention and high attrition
  • Overall frustration on the job

The 70:20:10 framework tells us the employees learn most about their job by actually doing it.  Panviva cloud knowledge management supports the 70 in the 70:20:10 so new hires reach full competence, creating a highly productive workforce. The proven methodology enables you to train new employees to do their jobs right the first time. With Panviva you will:

  • Lower staff failures post-training: Increase employee retention and customer satisfaction
  • Implement new systems faster: Avoid downtimes when deploying new systems and enable seamless transitions
  • Train for success: Help employees do their job right without guessing, asking co-workers or escalating issues

Get ready to capture, optimize, deliver information to accurately train your employees on any task.

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