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Every call handled right — every time
Enable Your Team for Success
Multi-touch. Multi-channel. Multi-location. Customer Experience is Rapidly Changing Every Day.
All Your Employees Can Achieve CX Excellence

The customer support challenges your organization faces keep growing — and you’re expected to solve them all with less.

  • Thanks to self-service, agents field the tougher questions
  • Processes are more complex with multiple screens in use at once
  • Employee turnover is constant and hiring is costly

Add to that the fact that you spend budget on everything from knowledge management systems, to SharePoint, to automated applications, plus binders filled with printed instructions but when employees need to know how to deal with a specific situation, they search madly through multiple locations for the correct answer. Making matters worse, the rate of change outpaces training so employees who did their work correctly yesterday will make errors today.

Panviva cloud knowledge management has a proven methodology that enables customer service agents and front office workers, who are interacting with your customers daily, to do their job right the first time! Panviva clients have enjoyed:

  • 25% reduction in average handling time: Eliminate complexity for faster responses
  • 20% increase in first contact resolution: Give the right answers the first time
  • Speed time to competence: Make new employees proficient regardless of location
  • Increase staff retention: Promote a stress-free working environment and greater job satisfaction

It is time to capture, optimize and deliver the information your agents need to provide superior customer experience.

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