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Lisa - HBF - Panviva Testimonial
Neil - Click Energy - Panviva Testimonial
Telstra Client Testimonial
Enjoy celebrating with our customers as they Go Live with their Panviva launches!
Andrew Sinson, Customer Service Rep, Community Health Plan of Washington, shares his daily experiences with Panviva.
Robert Waskins, Customer Service Team Lead, Community Health Plan of Washington, talks about the Panviva advantage.
John Ferrell, Customer Service Supervisor, Community Health Plan of Washington discusses tackling knowledge transfer.
Yesenia Urbina, Bilingual Information and Referral Specialist, King County 211, provides feedback on Panviva.
Kat Eberdt, Legal Programs Specialist, King County 211, shares her authoring insight and feedback.
Alex Williams, Manager, King County 211, shares how they left training binders behind for Panviva.
Susan Gemmel, Director, King County 211, discusses how they addressed information overload with Panviva.
Tom Cuniffe, Director Sr. Products, Member and Provider Services, discusses the quantifiable ROI and KPIs that led Tufts to Panviva.
Lori Franck, Instructional Designer L&D, Tufts Health Plan, explains how Panviva eliminated the need for printed materials and created a single source of truth.
James Morelto, Supervisor Members Services, shares how he considers Panviva the "driver" for each call he takes and shares real-life examples of support calls.
Lisa Murdock, Sr. Documentation Specialist, Tuft Health Plan, shares her enthusiasm about the ease of use when it comes to authoring content in Panviva.
Laura Donahue, Provider Support Specialist, Tufts Health Plan, shares how Panviva helped her alleviate the need for call escalation and instill confidence in agents.
Emily Catalano, Customer Service Lead, is impressed by the easy access Panviva provides her and others in helping to get answers quickly and efficiently.
Vicky Chavez, Community Living Connections Lead, King County 211, no longer needs to memorize all of the resources her organization provides, thanks to Panviva!
Hear from Keri Bloomer, Program Services Specialist, as she shares how the HPA helps members and empowers employees with Panviva
Customer care insight from NextCare managers and directors using Panviva.
Carle Foundation users share their experience with Panviva.
Hear how Panviva can help your organization improve customer experience!
Sally, Universal Service Rep, shares her insight on Panviva and how it has assisted seasoned employees at doing their job.
Manny Redondo Reyes, Customer Service Center Team Lead, shares his personal experience with using Panviva and how it helps him every day.
Jason Johnson, Customer Service Supervisor, leads a team that uses Panviva in customer service to manage patient expectations and satisfaction.
Stephanie Swinbourne, Customer Service Director, shares how her multi-location organization uses Panviva to keep everyone on track with information.
Marci O'Gara, Director, explains how her group has overcome various customer service challenges by using Panviva.
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