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Panviva Cloud Software Provides:

Consistent, relevant knowledge across the Omnichannel on-demand

Consistent customer experiences that boost customer retention and loyalty

The most relevant knowledge at the exact moment of need

Answers at the speed of business – split second response times

Coverage for your entire digital landscape (IVRs, humans, bots)

High employee productivity

The Panviva Knowledge Cloud Difference

Today’s Search Solutions

  • Waste time with search
  • Provide too many choices
  • Offer contradictory and confusing information
  • Force constant multi-tasking

Panviva –

  • Eliminates Search
  • Delivers exact answers anywhere
  • Always on top, never in the way
  • Visual access by user preference
  • Recognizes every user on the system
  • Single source of truth

Knowledge Everywhere – How Panviva Works

Panviva Knowledge Cloud

Creates customer service excellence by responding to customers’ needs or requests with accurate, specific knowledge. It works through a proven combination of a centralized knowledge base; task-based content development authoring tools, leveraging AI for natural language interactions, and integrated access to all connection points via intelligent APIs.

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