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Utility companies rely on Panviva

Due in part to growing competition, utility companies are under pressure to provide even better customer service. At the same time, the rollout of smart grids, renewable energy, multi-fuel offers and feed-in tariffs have increased the complexity of those customer interactions. Utilities deliver a superior customer experience by using Panviva to:

  • Cut training time and costs, dramatically reducing time to competence
  • Give customer facing staff real-time access to the right information enabling them to do their work right the first time
  • Process transactions quickly and accurately, with minimal error and rework
  • Outsource and offshore processes without sacrificing quality or productivity

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Panviva is a secure, scalable cloud-based platform that gives users rapid access to the right information they need to perform their jobs well — every time, everywhere.

Cloud platform: Set up, administer, scale with ease
Knowledge base: Store content for quick access
Authoring tool: Publish current, accurate information
Viewer: Deliver staff the exact help just when needed

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