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Results that make a difference in Telecommunications
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Telecommunication companies rely on Panviva

When you’re working in an industry as competitive as telecommunications, you need to constantly delight your customers with exceptional customer service and continuous product innovation. The high rate of change in products and services creates complex business systems and processes that present customer service challenges.

Panviva can help telecommunications companies overcome these obstacles by using process guidance to:

  • Develop loyal customers by enabling all your staff to deliver superior service
  • Provide instantaneous access to product, process and system information relevant to the task at hand and delivered within the workflow
  • Reduce process errors, inaccurate orders and costly rework causing failed SLAs
  • Cut training time, time to competence and training costs
  • Outsource and offshore processes without sacrificing quality or productivity


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Panviva is a secure, scalable cloud-based platform that gives users rapid access to the right information they need to perform their jobs well — every time, everywhere.

Cloud platform: Set up, administer, scale with ease
Knowledge base: Store content for quick access
Authoring tool: Publish current, accurate information
Viewer: Deliver staff the exact help just when needed

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