Building a strong connection goes beyond network and devices for Telecommunication providers. Establishing and cultivating customer relationships is key for growth and success. Call and communication centers are the core to delivering a customer experience. Panviva empowers your CX agents to not only communicate but connect with your customers.

How we help telecommunications:

  • Empowered Employees

    Everyone wants to be informed and empowered. We help simplify and standardize processing documentation, giving your team the confidence to service even the most complex of enquires. With our integrated system, your team can share feedback, raise questions and collaborate on new ideas reducing repetition and increasing productivity.

  • Going beyond CX

    Customers are always switching provider, and retaining customers is becoming an increasingly difficult task for telecommunication providers. Panviva helps your agents to not only answer customer questions, but also provide personalized advice for up-selling and new products.

  • Reduce training times by 50%

    For new employees, learning and taking in all the information you’ve just learnt adds to first day nerves. With Panviva, your new starters have access to the all the knowledge they need from the same screen they’ll be communicating with customers. Instead of a two-week training period, your newcomers can be set up and ready to go in a week!

Some of our customers have achieved

  • 75%

    reduction in escalations

  • 50%

    reduction in training times

  • 12%

    reduction in talk times

Featured Case Study

Telstra and Panviva:

" Panviva allowed us to determine a single source of truth for our operations. We removed the ambiguity for Asset Management. For new hires, on-boarding hands-on training time has been cut in half, from four to two weeks and new employees are confident in their roles from day one, reducing the need to ask for information and increasing productivity.” 

- Sara Winn, Quality Lead

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