With Panviva, your knowledge isn’t just limited to internal communications

We've created innovative APIs which you can connect to your website, mobile apps, IVR or self-service portals. This means you can support your customers directly through your external digital channels, freeing up your CX team to deal with more complex issues. Think of all your FAQs, web chats, CRM and CMS systems updated every time you change your internal processes and knowledge!

Our Connectors:

  • Content APIs

    Share the content you have already created across other channels.

  • Live APIs

    Add context from your IVR or CRM to push the exact knowledge needed.

  • Artefact APIs

    Share dynamic knowledge nuggets to any channel or device with our Digital Orchestrator.

Digital Orchestrator

Our APIs are all about consistency and connection – a consistent brand message across internal and external channels, and easy connection between employees and customers. They optimize your team’s time by reducing their workload to focus on other support and customer issues. 

Digital Orchestrator transforms your omnichannel strategy so that you can not only share but expand your knowledge across all of your channels. This means that you can use your documents to create contextual snippets to answer all your questions across IVR, chat bot and self-service portals.

How It Works


  • Reduce duplication of documents

    Our motto is “curate, don’t duplicate”!

  • Reduce workload on CX agents

    More online information, means less support tickets raised

  • Reduce customer escalations

    Some of our customers have done so by 75%

  • Instant solutions across all channels

    Support customers on your website before they need to contact your CX team

  • Reduce talk time

    some of our customers have done so by 12%

  • Single source of truth

    Streamline and connect all your channels in one interface

For the more tech savvy customers

Check out our developer portal for all technical information, blog posts and community forum to help understand our API’s more.

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