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Financial Services

Banks and Financial Services firms undertake extensive customer journeys with their clients, from greeting them at the front door to managing important transactions in the back office. Access to relevant information at each point is critical to meet and exceed service expectations, as is achieving regulatory compliance requirements. With Panviva, financial institutions can:

  • Cut training time by 60% and accelerate time to competence by 33%
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Lower the cost of each interaction with faster, accurate agent responses
  • Reduce errors and compliance breaches by guiding staff through each step
  • Increase profitability by improving the outcome of each interaction

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Insurance providers worldwide are seeking ways to increase customer service levels and engagement with their members while reducing service delivery costs. At the same time, providers in many countries must address the growing complexity of stricter compliance requirements, an expanded number of insurance products, and increased call and claims volumes as millions of new members enroll for the first time. Adding to these pressures, many new members are tech and social-media savvy — and they arrive with higher service expectations and lower provider loyalty.

Panviva helps providers overcome challenges to:

  • Increase claims handling volume by 50% while slashing error rates by 85%
  • Speed content search times by 90% reducing overall call handling times by 25%
  • Lower insurance sign up and delivery costs through efficient process execution
  • Dramatically reduce time to competency for new hires and ongoing training
  • Improve member satisfaction by providing your staff with the right information right when it’s needed
  • Ensure compliance, reducing the risk of steep financial penalties
  • Achieve and maintain top customer service ratings

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When you’re working in an industry as competitive as telecommunications, you need to constantly delight your customers with exceptional customer service and continuous product innovation. The high rate of change in products and services creates complex business systems and processes that present customer service challenges.

Panviva can help telecommunications companies overcome these obstacles by using process guidance to:

  • Develop loyal customers by enabling all your staff to deliver superior service
  • Provide instantaneous access to product, process and system information relevant to the task at hand and delivered within the workflow
  • Reduce process errors, inaccurate orders and costly rework causing failed SLAs
  • Cut training time, time to competence and training costs
  • Outsource and offshore processes without sacrificing quality or productivity

Telstra     BT    Colt


Government departments face the same challenges as corporations: rising complexity, the need to do more with less and a demand for service excellence. A wide range of government entities use SupportPoint to deliver exceptional service, from case management for juvenile offenders, to motor vehicle and driver license registration, to managing public infrastructure projects. By deploying Panviva, government institutions:

  • Streamline government systems and processes by providing guidance for both internal and external users
  • Reduce error and rework by giving users step-by-step instructions
  • Enhance department reputations by improving overall customer experience
  • Reduce program and service delivery costs to do more with less

Vic Roads     NSW Government    Queensland Government


Due in part to growing competition, utility companies are under pressure to provide even better customer service. At the same time, the rollout of smart grids, renewable energy, multi-fuel offers and feed-in tariffs have increased the complexity of those customer interactions. Utilities deliver a superior customer experience by using Panviva to:

  • Cut training time and costs, dramatically reducing time to competence
  • Give customer facing staff real-time access to the right information enabling them to do their work right the first time
  • Process transactions quickly and accurately, with minimal error and rework
  • Outsource and offshore processes without sacrificing quality or productivity

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Business Process Outsourcing

Companies dealing in complex, highly regulated environments turn to business process outsourcing providers (BPOs) for operations relief, particularly for seasonally variable workloads. Panviva helps BPOs meet client SLA expectations by providing global team members with the information needed to deliver exceptional performance. With Panviva, BPOs:

  • Capture and communicate key business processes
  • Slash training time and time to competence for new staff
  • Ensure consistent, reliable, accurate process execution
  • Reduce staff turnover thanks to greater job competency and satisfaction
  • Increase contract profitability through higher staff productivity

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