When a COVID-19 infection is reported, public safety hangs in the balance

Your contact tracers need split second access to the knowledge needed for conducting effective and efficient interviews to ensure an infection does not become an outbreak.

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Contact tracing is a very tough job – especially without good guidance. Read our latest blog.

Built-in contact tracing template and content options

Creations from previous contact tracing implementations are ready to quickly customize to your specific needs.

When an outbreak occurs you need to be able to respond instantly.

Time spent evaluating alternatives or managing implementation projects is time you don’t have. Panviva is a cloud-based solution that can be up and running in 24 hours. And because it is already used by many contact tracing centres, it comes pre-loaded with COVID-19 reference information, best practice processes and contact tracing procedure information, which can streamline your implementation.

There’s no time for long decision processes and typical IT project timelines.

The Panviva platform is proven in numerous contact tracing situations. It delivers the exact knowledge contact tracers need, precisely when they need it, through:

A centralized knowledge base that works alongside your contact recording system reduces prior knowledge requirements and speeds up tracer competence.

Task-based content development authoring tools make it quick and easy to create and maintain your tracing instructions.

Digital orchestration of content for Omnichannel delivery directly to citizens seeking information through any digital channel – self-service improves citizen and practitioner engagement.

Integrated access to all customer facing connection points via intelligent APIs, leveraging AI for natural language interactions.

Accelerate and improve contact tracing accuracy

When it's easy to follow best practices, your tracing benefits in many ways:

More Efficient Interviews

Immediate, correct answers and fast call resolution

Knowledge Everywhere

Easily connect to get knowledge where and when it's needed

Be Compliant

Ensures stricter compliance conformance

Be Confident

Train faster, access easier, boost employee performance

Reduce hands-on training for new hires by 50%

Australia's Telstra reduced their hands-on training from four weeks to two. What's more, new tracers are confident in their roles from DAY ONE

Every minute counts when lives are on the line.

It can take 48 hours from a positive test result until tracers can make contact, during which time a lot of people can come into contact with the infected person. When the rate of confirmed cases escalates it is critical that you can get new tracers “up-to-speed” quickly. Most are not experts in communicable disease management, so they need to learn about COVID-19 epidemiology and the ‘track and trace’ on the job. When learning needs to happen that fast, it’s critical that you have a guidance system is ready for them to access the details.

Panviva is the proven COVID-19 process guidance solution.

Contact tracing - a case study

On 1 May 2020 one of the first states to implement contract tracing in the USA appointed a BPO partner to stand up and operate a contact tracing capability on its behalf. The State required the centre to be created by the BPO from scratch and be up and running within two weeks.

Recognizing that they would not be able to follow the usual induction training processes for the contact tracers, the BPO partnered with Panviva to provide a guidance system and they began hiring contact tracers on an urgent timeframe. Meanwhile, Panviva enabled its cloud-based knowledge management system and assisted the BPO to create the required contact tracing process and procedure information in Panviva.

Visual process maps for easy reference and fast training
Scripts and step-by-step processes