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Western Health Advantage achieves faster calls to improve customer experience

Solving the Challenge of Keeping Polices Current and Compliant

Solving the Challenge of Keeping Polices Current and Compliant

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  • Challenges

    • Old, outdated knowledgebase
    • New policies and updates were delivered inconsistently
    • Key information was scattered in different locations in the company
    • Onboarding of new call center agents
  • Benefits

    • All information now in one place
    • Consistent delivery of policy updates
    • Faster call times
    • Better customer experience
    • Reduced risk from compliance errors

From the Stone Age to Light speed

Western Health Advantage is a non-profit company that was founded by a group of Sacramento and Solano doctors and health care providers. Since its inception in 1996, Western Health Advantage has become a quality health plan for local business owners and individuals interested in affordable, responsive health coverage.

Working without a clear understanding of which agents had access to what information put Western Health Advantage at a real disadvantage when it came to the constant stream of new policy and procedural updates call center agents were faced with on a regular basis.

Information was stored in pockets of databases around the company and there was no way to track which call center employees had received the latest policy updates and which had not. The lack of consistent policy enforcement put Western Health at risk for compliance issues.

Company directors first learned about Panviva at a healthcare alliance conference. The hands-on demo of Panviva’s capabilities to consolidate information storage and provide the right information at the moment of need convinced the Western Health team to give the product a try.

“We were in the stone age with our piles of papers and paperclips. We needed to move from the basics to light speed,” said Lisa Angst, Project Manager, Western Health Advantage.

The biggest challenge that Western Health faced was consistency in delivery of time-sensitive new information to employees. Prior to Panviva, emails were sent out to the staff. Differences in people’s schedules and work habits meant that not all employees had the same information at the same time. This challenge was compounded by the fact that information existed in many different locations.

Implementing Panviva allowed Western Health to consolidate the multiple databases into one. Panviva’s contextual search function meant that every employee has access to the most up to date health care information.

“Compliance loves Panviva. Everything is documented. We have immediate proof of policy changes.

— Lisa Angst, Project Manager, Western Health Advantage

The automatic updates provided by Panviva not only got all call center staff on the same page – literally; it enabled supervisors to track how quickly staffers were seeing and acting on the new policies.

“We love having the ability to update something right away. We are letting people know about issues and hot topics immediately,” Angst said.

“With Panviva’s auditing capability, we know when a call process or document was updated and who is learning about it. When we push live, we can see who has not accessed the document. That feature lets us provide an extra reminder to that person so they can be more efficient in their job,” she added.

Panviva has also increased confidence in their new agents. “We had one new person who was very anxious about getting on the phones during training. After her first day she told me that if it had not been for Panviva she would have had a ‘meltdown’. Instead by the end of the first day, she was excited to work by herself,” Angst said.