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Telstra’s new high net worth division hit the ground running with Panviva

Finding a Single Source of Truth

Finding a Single Source of Truth

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  • Challenges

    • Lack of process documentation
    • No proper channel for change management processes
    • Increase employee productivity and confidence
    • Decrease new hire training time to competency
    • Ensure better compliance during process changes
  • Benefits

    • Knowledge repository for agents
    • Documented workflow for change management processes
    • Eliminates of errors when new change processes are rolled out
    • Ability to update/manage configuration content as required
    • Easy to use/quick to update
    • Mitigates operational compliance risks
    • Faster onboarding of new employees
    • Training time cut 50%, from four to two weeks

Change Management Made Easy with Panviva

Telstra is a leading telecommunications and technology company with a growing international business, and a heritage that is proudly Australian. Telstra offers a broad suite of connectivity, media and content to consumers and businesses in Australia and globally.

The Telstra division of Asset Management provides administration of Telstra telecom assets. The team determines when a customer needs additional infrastructure for connection and works to find a solution to close this gap.

Processes change quickly within the Asset Management group. Historically, major changes have been rolled out two to three times monthly, making it nearly impossible for customer service agents to stay on top of the changes. The impact was felt by customers and employees alike as information quickly became outdated, leaving employees uncertain about the information they were providing, and customers potentially receiving conflicting information.

“Our cycle times were extremely slow as people tried to figure out the steps they were supposed to be taking. Our knowledge source came from Word documents stored in the intranet. These documents were often 50 pages or more. Nobody was using them. So the had to wait for someone to give them the answer,” explained Sarah Winn, Quality Lead, Telstra.

Information in the Moment of Need

That all changed when the Asset Management group implemented Panviva, providing a single source of knowledge in one centralized repository. Panviva’s “moment of need” approach to information access delivers the right answer when the rep asks for it, eliminating the need for them to search multiple sources for it.

“Panviva is our single source of truth. It allows us to get the information out very quickly, very streamline. Instead of having our guys look in many different places, they have all the information they could possibly need to do their jobs in one place,” Sarah Winn said.

Panviva allowed us to determine a single source of truth for our operations. We removed the ambiguity for Asset Management.

— Sarah Winn, Quality Lead, Telstra

Panviva has given the reps more confidence and reduced call and handling times across the board. More importantly, error rates post change have been virtually eliminated. Before Panviva, the team would experience an approximate six percent increase in error rates during a major process change. Now errors rates remain low regardless of the constant process changes.

That has also had a significant impact on the team’s ability to stay in compliance with both Telstra internal and Federal Government policies and procedures.

For new hires, on-boarding hands-on training time has been cut in half, from four to two weeks, Sarah Winn explained, and new employees are confident in their roles from day one, reducing the need to ask for information and increasing productivity

“They tell me, ‘it is easier for us to take a call because we can find the answer right in front of us and know that it is correct’,” Winn said. For Telstra, change management has been made easy with Panviva.