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Panviva Partner Provides “Stellar” Customer Service

Stellar centralized and integrated knowledge repository for fast growing energy supplier

Stellar centralized and integrated knowledge repository for fast growing energy supplier

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  • Challenges

    • Provide best in class customer service in a highly competitive environment
    • Maintaining consistent up-to-date information
    • Reduce data entry rates
    • Increase efficiency and workload traceability
    • Meet stringent State-based audit and regulatory requirements within the utilities industry
    • Support end-to-end service delivery across all stages of the customer life cycle
    • Ensure all policies and procedures for front-of house and back-of-house operations were followed correctly
  • Benefits

    • Centralised and integrated knowledge repository for fast growing energy supplier
    • Mitigate operational compliance risks
    • Improved customer insight and business through Quality Monitoring
    • 25% reduction in average call handling times
    • 50% reduction in floor support
    • 60% reduction in speed to competency
    • Met or exceeded SLAs and increased engagement, accuracy and completeness scores
    • Five Star rating for Medicare Advantage achieved

Simply Energy Gets GPS-level Support with Panviva Knowledge System

Simply Energy, one of Australia’s largest energy suppliers with nearly 400,000 electricity and gas accounts, was opening a new operations center to support its planned entry into the Victoria, Australia energy market. After a robust review process, Simply Energy selected Panviva partner Stellar for its reliability, market leadership, technical capability and expertise in Managed Customer Relationships (MCR), a critical feature when interacting with both residential and business customers.

The initial relationship between Stellar and Simply Energy began with just 10 agents. Today, Stellar has 350 agents in three locations in Australia and the Philippines, providing Simply Energy with an end-to-end customer solution based on Panviva’s Cloud knowledge management solution. Simply Energy faced multiple challenges in establishing its presence in a new market. These included maintaining consistent up-to-date information, and ensuring the processes for front-of-house customer interactions and back-of-house administrative transactions were followed correctly. The company also needed to provide best in class customer service in a highly competitive environment, reduce data entry rates, and increase efficiency and workload traceability.

Process Improvement and Efficiency

To ensure efficiency and the quality of the customer experience, Stellar implemented Panviva for Simply Energy. Like a car’s GPS, the Panviva system knows exactly where the agent is going and provides fast, consistent, accurate information — and a superior service experience. The Panviva implementation included five full-time dedicated Process Associates who authored new documents. On an ongoing basis, Stellar has two full-time Process Associates who author new and update existing documents as industry and client changes occur. Stellar has a robust Change Management process to understand the full impact of change, including two dedicated Change Associates who work closely with key stakeholders within the business to efficiently scope requirements for all change requests. Stellar uses Panviva during training to ensure that new trainees come to rely on Panviva for all knowledge, replacing the tribal mentality of passed down information. The analytics tools analyse how the agents are using the system, enabling targeted training and coaching programs to close any skill gaps.

“Stellar’s expertise in managing customer relationships has enabled Simply Energy to maximise the benefits of improved customer service interaction through greater customer insight. The management of Simply Energy’s customer life cycle is in reliable hands.”

About Stellar

Currently, Stellar manages over 1,260 Panviva users across seven clients including Simply Energy. The overall benefit for these clients is the improvement in first call resolution, with real-time updates being provided to agents simultaneously. This guarantees the customer is always going to be getting the most up to date information during their interaction with a Panviva managed operations centre. Stellar’s expertise focuses on the end-to-end customer journey, delivering an offering informed by research, decades of experience and state-of-the-art technological solutions. Named Outsourcer of the Year for the last six years running by Frost & Sullivan; Stellar delivers services for a diverse client base across the globe.

About Simply Energy

The retail arm of ENGIE in Australia, Simply Energy provides affordable energy solutions to more than 670,000 customer accounts in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Queensland. In addition to providing Australians with affordable energy, Simply Energy