How Panviva helped organizations like yours

NextCare average call times decreased by 15 seconds per call

NextCare Shows How Panviva 'Handles' It

NextCare Shows How Panviva 'Handles' It

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  • Challenges

    • Old, out-of-date knowledgebase slowed customer hold and handle times
    • Inability for staff to handle issues on first call due to lack of timely information
    • Inaccuracies and errors due to reliance on staff memorization of content
    • Keeping knowledgebase up-to-date with new information and procedures
    • Ease of content development and authoring
    • Length of time to train and onboard new reps
  • Benefits

    • Productivity: Average call handling times have decreased by 15 seconds per call
    • Accuracy: The right information is available at the moment of need
    • Speed: First call resolution has increased substantially
    • New rep training times are down
    • Staff engagement and morale is up
    • Content creation and system updates are faster and easier

As one of the nation’s largest providers of urgent care and occupational medical services, NextCare strives to ensure patients and their families will experience the highest level of care. NextCare operates clinics in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia and Wyoming – seven days a week, 365 days a year. NextCare Holdings is actively expanding in new and existing markets, and currently operates 138 clinics throughout the U.S.

Supporting the Voice of NextCare

With an actively expanding clinic network across the US, the NextCare call center was on the hot seat. For every caller, across ten states, the voice on the other line was a customer care agent from the call center, and on the frontlines of patient care, representing the 12 NextCare brands.

“We are the voice of NextCare. We are the voice that everyone hears when they contact any of our clinics,” said Stephanie Swinbourne, Director of the Customer Service Center

As the hub of the NextCare network, the call center was struggling with an old knowledge base that was very cumbersome. It took a long time to scroll through and find something in the system, driving down call handle time, accuracy and call quality. Patients had long wait times on the phone and agents were not always able to resolve the caller’s issue on the first call. In an effort to speed call resolution, agents were forced to memorize answers and use other unreliable memory cues, raising the potential of errors and of supplying misinformation.

Given the expansion growth in the network, the situation was becoming unmanageable. That’s when NextCare began a knowledge system investigation that lead them to Panviva.

“When we looked at Panviva it was all that we were looking for. Panviva is an all-encompassing fix for all of our customers and patients,” said Swinbourne.

"Patients get the information they need fast, and right the first time. It assists us in having other patients not being on hold as long. With 5000 patients calling in a day that’s a lot of patients and a matter of a few seconds can make a big difference for the patients,” explained Swinbourne.

Before Panviva call handling times were at 2:02 minutes per call. With Panviva we are at 1:47 minutes per call. That’s a 15 second handle time improvement.

- Stephanie Swinbourne, Director of the Customer Service Center

And the reps no longer need to try to memorize information that is constantly changing. “Took the thinking process off their shoulders so they could just click through SP and find the answers,” she added.

The other benefit NextCare found was an increase in first call resolution. “Patients don’t have to call back anymore. They call in once, they get accurate quick information and they don’t have to call back in again,” noted Swinbourne.

Both productivity and agent engagement has skyrocketed with Panviva. “Our reps love it. They absolutely love it. When we first rolled it out, it was the one thing they said: ‘We love this. We can’t wait to use it.’ We rolled it out one group at a time and every other group was asking, ‘When do we get it?’ ” she said.

With Panviva, keeping the system updated and adding new information is simple. The content authoring function is “magnificent,” according to Manny Reyes, Lead Customer Service Center Rep.

“It’s very efficient, very user friendly. The easiest thing for me as an author is that I have such an easy program to update. The editing page comes up, simple as a click. Before (with the old system) the editing page would take minutes to load. With Panviva it’s seconds. It’s magnificent,” Manny explained.

New hire training to proficiency has gone from weeks to a matter of days, according to Jason Johnson, Customer Service Supervisor.

“It will take a day for the agents to really look at Panviva and get to where they can navigate through it. After about 10-12 calls, it is pretty simple. It is so user friendly. The knowledge base is so easy to access. The feedback from reps is: ‘Wow I can’t believe this.’ ‘This works so well.’ It is like going from a Model A to a Ferrari. It is that comparable. It is night and day,” Johnson said.

The speed and accuracy provided by Panviva can change lives. Johnson remembered an incident that made a real difference: “A mother called in about her child needing a TB shot and we had just updated that clinic not five minutes before because they were out of the shot. In our old system that would have taken 20-30 minutes but with SP it took less than five.”

While using Panviva has allowed NextCare to instill confidence in their agents and in the information that they provide to the patients, Swinbourne noted that Panviva is still surprising them with its power and capabilities.

“We are constantly finding opportunities to do different things with the system. As we continue through the discovery, building and writing of the system, we look at each other and say, ‘What else can this do?’ Or, ‘I wonder if Panviva can do this?’ More often than not, we find that it can.”