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MAXIMUS achieved faster employee onboarding and removed IT support dependancies

MAXIMUS Drives Customer Success with Panviva

MAXIMUS Drives Customer Success with Panviva

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  • Challenges

    • Large volume of change requests
    • In-house legacy system required an update
    • Need to liberate operations from IT support dependency
  • Benefits

    • Faster employee onboarding and time-to-competency
    • Increased employee productivity and freedom
    • Universally better customer experience

MAXIMUS is a global leader in providing health and human services through the design, development and delivery of innovative and impactful health and human service programs. Since 1975, MAXIMUS has been driven by a mission to strengthen communities and improve the lives of those it serves.

The knowledge base and content management demands facing MAXIMUS are enormous given its role in offering governments the ability to rapidly implement major programs such as Medicare and Medicaid with scalable operations and automated systems.

Like many pre-internet organizations, MAXIMUS needed to build rather than buy the technology it needed to effectively serve people with its global mission. So, early on the IT team developed in-house systems for content, knowledge and file system management. But the systems that served MAXIMUS well in the past could no longer keep up in 2019. The organization had to find another way.

Several systems were considered including eGain and other MAXIMUS in-house designed alternatives. The team chose Panviva for three key reasons: ease of collaboration, analytics and Panviva’s responsive support team.

“When we ask Panviva if they can add something MAXIMUS needed, the answer is always yes. With other vendors it was, ‘we will look into that for you,’” explains Sheik Mohamad, Senior Manager, MAXIMUS IT.

Freedom to Create

In the past, MAXIMUS IT had to manage the large volume of change requests. Today with Panviva, the customer service staff can handle changes on their own without IT support.

“I’m empowering operations to upload and design their own documents. They don’t even have to reach out to a programmer or maintenance guy to give them new links. The sky’s the limit for them,” says Mohamad.

This freedom is enhanced by the staff’s use of Panviva’s unique chunking and layering methodology that restructures knowledge in the way people actually use it.

Well, what I like best about Panviva is the ease of collaboration with their people. Everyone is responsive. We always get an answer to our questions. We can do more with that approach.

- Sheik Mohamad, Senior Manager, MAXIMUS IT

Instead of the customer service agents frantically searching through a 25-page document to find a simple answer, Panviva restructures the document into six simple links allowing the MAXIMUS customer service agents to go directly to the specific details they need, the moment they need it.

“It’s been a breeze for me because once people learn how to create content and they see the way information is accessed, they’re running with it. They want to do more,” he explains.

The result has been a better customer experience from the MAXIMUS call center teams. Whether the agent is an experienced employee or brand new, the customer gets the same right answer and has the confidence that the MAXIMUS staff knows what they are doing, explains Mohamad.

Collaboration Made Easy

Cloud systems always need updating and software customers often have special requests. That is especially true of MAXIMUS given the depth and breadth of the organization’s responsibilities. Mohamad says that

collaboration with the Panviva support team, their responsiveness and flexibility has made the MAXIMUS Panviva partnership a pleasure. “Well, what I like best about Panviva is the ease of collaboration with their people. Everyone is responsive. We always get an answer to our questions. We can do more with that approach,” notes Mohamad.

Universal Happiness

The bottom line for MAXIMUS is universal customer happiness. MAXIMUS has happy customers because they are dealing with a knowledgeable customer service agent regardless of their time on the job or level of training. MAXIMUS is a happy Panviva customer because of Panviva’s willingness to collaborate to ensure MAXIMUS has what it needs for knowledge and content management today and way into the future.