How Panviva helped organizations like yours

Desert Financial consolidated their knowledge base and kept procedures up-to-date

A Financial Oasis for Member Experience

A Financial Oasis for Member Experience

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  • Challenges

    • Fragmented and disconnected knowledgebase
    • Out of date and difficult to navigate procedures
    • Inconsistent process for feedback on updates and revisions of policies and procedures
  • Benefits

    • Better member experience
    • Achieving consistency of content and information
    • Easy to use, robust system
    • Intuitive, easy to manage content
    • Faster system-wide deployment of processes
    • Increased employee productivity and job satisfaction

Desert Financial Credit Union is a federally insured credit union based in Phoenix, Arizona, that operates 47 branches throughout Maricopa, Gila and Pinal counties. Desert Financial is the largest credit union in Arizona, managing $4.8 billion in assets as of October 2019.

Desert Financial had become increasingly frustrated with its aging knowledge management infrastructure. Information searches yielded a kitchen sink of links that seldom produced what the employee was looking to find. It was time to upgrade. But to what and how?

Early vendor reviews did not meet their business requirements. “We looked at a few other vendors and they proposed taking what we have today and simply uploading it into a new system. That really wasn’t what we were looking to accomplish. We wanted something much different, something that had more instructional guidance as part of its process,” explained Randy Blanchette, Senior Director, Contact Center Operations.

That something was Panviva. Unlike vendors that simply warehouse data and offer different types of search techniques, Panviva restructures information according to how the information is used and who needs it.

Now employees can quickly zoom in on exactly the information that they need, when they need it. “Team members get to procedures quicker, and they are more relevant. They have the ability to jump to the part (of the process) they need quickly,” Randy added.

Panviva’s approach was different enough to cause Desert Financial to rethink the way they were using information, an unexpected benefit for reorganizing their knowledge. Rather than rolling it out fast, the project team took the time to be methodical about their approach, as suggested by Panviva’s enablement team

“The end result gave us a much better solution than we would have had if we had tried to force it too fast,” explained Jim Lavery, Vice President of Contact Centers and Credit Services.

Team members get to procedures quicker, and they are more relevant. They have the ability to jump to the part (of the process) they need quickly.

- Randy Blanchette, Senior Director, Contact Center Operations

From Fruitless Search to Positive Find

Desert Financial has seen big improvements in customer experience, employee engagement and day to day operations. Before Panviva, searching was cumbersome. Their prior knowledge management application was full of out of date content and multiple screenshots were needed to explain things to employees. “Opening a new account, for example, was a 20-page procedure,” Randy said.

A team member searching through 20 pages of text and screenshots for specific information was not effective. “That’s one of the things we love about Panviva. It takes the screenshots out. Because of the way the content is developed, it tells you what screen you’re going to be on, what you’re looking at, what you need to click,” Randy added.

“If you searched on our procedures’ website prior to Panviva, not only would you find the most recent procedures, you’d also find procedures we had for systems and processes that we had used years ago. With Panviva, everything got cleaned up,” Jim agreed.

A Better Way to Go

Desert Financial has especially benefited from the content ownership and feedback capabilities in Panviva. “Prior to Panviva, we had an inconsistent process for retiring stale and outdated procedures,” Jim said.

With Panviva’s feedback option, Desert Financial employees know how to give feedback to the content authors to update the procedures. Procedures are now updated more timely and efficiently.

“Now that we’ve got this ownership and feedback process, we can really maintain this program. It’s taken on a whole different approach from what we did in the past,” Jim said.

The roll out to the credit union’s Retail Service Managers went even better than expected. Retail Service Managers were introduced to Panviva at a regularly scheduled team meeting. The Panviva implementation team at Desert Financial was nervous about the reaction. To their surprise and relief, the Service Managers loved it.

“I heard stories of them going back to their branch, sharing their experience, telling their tellers, who haven’t even seen the system yet, how much they’re going to love this new system,” Jim explained.

With Panviva working so well in the contact center and retail teams, Desert Financial is preparing to roll the system out to the rest of the organization. Once that is accomplished, Desert Financial is considering possibly using the Panviva solution in other areas of their business, including creating Centers of Excellence for customer service, sales and even digital transformation.