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National Roadside Assistance organization lowers operational costs.

Solving the Challenge of Increasingly Complex Volumes of Information

Solving the Challenge of Increasingly Complex Volumes of Information

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  • Challenges

    • Improve flow of customer calls
    • Reduce time to dispatch assistance
    • Centralize information into one easy to navigate and search database
    • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Lower average handling times
    • Simplify training
    • Reduce operational costs
  • Benefits

    • FCR increased by 20% -- more satisfied customers
    • AHT reduced by 25% - less time to dispatch assistance
    • Lowered operational costs
    • Centralized, easily searchable knowledge base for information on multiple programs
    • Simplified, less expensive training
    • 40% reduction in agent failure rates
    • Confident agents and customers
    • Company Profile

Company Profile

This association is one of the largest independently-owned auto clubs in the United States. In operation for more than 50 years, it provides premier, hightouch services and answers more than half a million calls per year. Serving members throughout the United States and Canada, the club specializes in converting distressing situations into exceptional customer experiences through call center agents and assistance providers who are highly-skilled, rapid responders.

The Background

The North American Auto Association has hundreds of thousands of its own members. It also serves as the front line responder for other automotive assistance programs, answering the phones for many car and recreational vehicle manufacturers under their own brand. These multiple programs entail over 150 separate phone numbers and associated plans, with more than 10 million participants. The call center agents deal with volumes of information that are increasingly complex and constantly changing. Almost inevitably, average handling times were on the rise.

As the auto club’s COO explained, “In working on our strategic growth plan we took the opportunity to re-engineer and improve our call center processes. Our investigations showed that we needed a better-flowing, higher-quality, single knowledge-base system that also provided assistance for our agents. One of our sister divisions has had a fantastic experience with Panviva in their call centers, so we thought that it could be a great solution for us.”

The Solution

Other features of Panviva that appealed to the club included the Viewer/Author set up; the very easy authoring environment that requires no HTML coding or IT assistance; the WYSIWG editor and the fact that changes flow directly from the Author to each agent through the Viewer. An easy feedback mechanism allows users to send notes directly to the Author users suggesting corrections and improvement. Changes can be made and published in seconds.

Our customers call because their vehicles are broken down on the road and they are distressed. Call center agents using Panviva are upbeat, self assured, and able to reassure and dispatch great help quickly. That level of confident comfort for stranded callers is a big part of what separates us from other vehicle assistance providers.

Panviva’s approach to content is also unique. Information is presented as needed in “chunks” and “layers,” not in large PDF or Word documents. Agents find answers fast. The result is a smooth flowing, easy conversation with the customer and a quick resolution. “When agents deliver accurate information in a timely fashion, it increases our customer satisfaction rates and leads to lower costs by reducing call handling times.”

The Results

Panviva provides a number of critical benefits for the club. According to the COO, “Our First Call Resolution (FCR) has increased by 20%. Average Handling Time (AHT) scores have been reduced by 25%. Employees now answer more calls in less time, resulting in lowers costs and better service levels.” “We were also very pleased by the ease of training with Support Point,” stated the COO. “The system itself contains everything the agents need to know: developing separate training materials is unnecessary. Training users now means showing them how to use Panviva, and then Panviva “trains” them on the job by stepping them through every call and

supplying the answers. Employees learn as they use the system and memorization is a thing of the past. Additionally, the system can provide simple learning modules and quizzes to deliver new information, test comprehension, reinforce concepts, and drive compliance.

With it, the club has created a central information store. That database is easily navigated, searched, and every answer gets straight to the point in just a few words. We can update the database and agents on the fly. We have improved the quality of calls, reduced score variation, and increased the involvement of the agents in process improvements.“

“Perhaps the most important benefit is that with Panviva our agents have tremendous confidence. Our customers call because their vehicles are broken down on the side of the road and they are distressed. Agents taking those calls with help from Panviva are upbeat, self-assured, and in full command of their people skills to reassure and quickly dispatch assistance.That confidence is a lifeline and comfort for stranded callers and it’s a big part of what separates us.