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Knowledge Management

Knowledge means power and empowering your employees with the information they need to deliver exceptional CX is what we do best. Your team can quickly answer queries, search information and reduce handling times with a single source of truth.

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API Integrations

Accuracy and consistency – the two core elements to successful customer & employee experiences. Connect your knowledge to web, IVR, mobile apps and self-service portals with our connectors to ensure seamless collaboration of knowledge throughout your organization.

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Our latest addition to the team, this bot helps your remote teams connect, collaborate and share company information easily. Waiting for a response online can be timely and frustrating when trying to just do your job. With Nugget, he has the information right there for you, all the time.

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  • 80%

    reduction in order entry errors

  • 45%

    improvement in employee productivity

  • 20%

    reduction in handling time

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