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How Credit Unions Are Adopting The Omnichannel

How Credit Unions are Adopting the Omnichannel

“Being able to access the right information at every customer touchpoint is critical in maintaining good client relationships while also remaining compliant and confidential.” — Steve Pappas, SVP and CMO, Panviva

The digital information hurdle isn’t an easy one to clear for credit unions. Just a decade ago, online banking and paperless statements were barely on anyone’s radar. Digital deposits and banking apps weren’t yet in existence. Technology has made these and other advancements possible, including the way you can connect with your customers — changing the expectations your customers have of their credit union.

What Does Omnichannel Look Like for Credit Unions?

When you think of an omnichannel experience, your credit union may be the last thing that comes to mind. Retailers, insurance agencies, healthcare providers, and even fast food companies are finding success by adopting this multi-faceted approach to connecting with customers, and credit unions can enjoy the benefits, too.

Omnichannel isn’t just about having a variety of ways to contact your business. It’s about providing a seamless experience regardless of chosen contact method so that no loss of information or functionality occurs. Whether a customer calls a branch office or call center, uses live chat, sends an email, or walks into your office, your reps should be able to handle their needs quickly and accurately.

“Being able to access the right information at every customer touchpoint is critical in maintaining good client relationships while also remaining compliant and confidential,” stresses Steve Pappas, Panviva’s SVP and CMO of North American operations.

Omnichannel is Challenging. Panviva Makes It Simple.

Achieving an omnichannel experience is no easy feat, especially considering how quickly technology is changing. Panviva is helping to simplify the experience through a cloud-based approach to knowledge and the entire customer journey. Panviva’s central platform allows users to access a collective database of information that empowers them to serve customers with accurate answers to their questions. An intuitive interface and wealth of information prevent agents from having to transfer customer needs to other agents, extensive searches for information, and encountering potential compliance breaches of information sharing.

“Financial services that have partnered with Panviva have reported a 45% improvement in productivity, a 19% reduction in time handling customer needs, and an 80% reduction in entry errors,” adds Pappas.

See Panviva in action for yourself by taking a free interactive test drive and learn how we’re helping financial services eliminate the digital stumbling blocks of a full omnichannel digital transformation and revitalize their business and customer engagement strategies.






Stephen Pappas

With more than 20 years experience in enterprise software sales and operations, Stephen Pappas manages all aspects of Panviva’s North American operations. He previously served as a Director of International Sales with Harte-Hanks Trillium Software, where he took their enterprise data management offering to 54 countries. Other roles have included Executive Vice President of a SaaS software start-up and Director of Sales and Business Development at PageFlex.

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