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How Panviva Empowers Strong, Effective Medical Teams To Thrive

How Panviva empowers strong, effective medical teams to thrive

“Panviva is seeking to change how medical offices approach precision and accuracy by emphasizing the power of teamwork. But how?” — Steve Pappas

In the healthcare industry, providers know there is no room for error. Precision and accuracy are a matter of life and death. But doctors and medical providers aren’t the only team members who must have high-level attention to detail. Support staff—from insurance billing personnel to appointment setters to payment collectors—are also responsible for providing accurate, precise service to patients. Errors and misinformation can trigger a ripple effect of failures, some of which could result in legal action or decrease in profits.

Panviva is seeking to change how medical offices approach precision and accuracy by emphasizing the power of teamwork. But how?

The challenges of teamwork in healthcare

Part of providing an exceptional patient experience is ensuring medical teams are following a facility’s established procedures. Your health system has put certain procedures in place to protect patient data and to provide an organized approach to patient services. When someone breaks protocol, whether by choice or by misinformation, the level of care and service you’re able to provide is diminished.

Given the sheer number of medical professionals and support staff working in a facility, getting everyone on the same page can be a daunting task. New employees may not have access to the necessary resources. Staff members may not always be aware of effective policy changes. Important data can become lost or misfiled, which can lead to longer resolution times and a drop in patient satisfaction.

Panviva is the solution for medical teams

Panviva seeks to eliminate these and other challenges for medical teams with its cloud-based knowledge management software. Through Panviva’s real-time database, teams have access to the information they need when they need it—from policies and procedures to patient information to notes and other valuable information.

As a result, bringing new employees up to speed becomes faster as they are able to answer their own questions and learn as they go. Important documents and papers are housed in a single location and accessed through a few clicks or queries. Teams can improve communication and collaboration by being able to access information in real time with Panviva’s cloud-based platform.

When medical teams work together, they provide a better experience for patients and themselves.

Take Panviva for a free test drive

To experience Panviva for yourself, take a free test drive today to learn how stronger teams make a stronger medical practice.

Stephen Pappas

With more than 20 years experience in enterprise software sales and operations, Stephen Pappas manages all aspects of Panviva’s North American operations. He previously served as a Director of International Sales with Harte-Hanks Trillium Software, where he took their enterprise data management offering to 54 countries. Other roles have included Executive Vice President of a SaaS software start-up and Director of Sales and Business Development at PageFlex.

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