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The Race For Successful Roadside Assistance Starts With Teamwork

The Race for Successful Roadside Assistance Starts with Teamwork

Needing roadside assistance may not be a life-threatening emergency, but there’s an underlying urgency behind every call that makes you race to the rescue.”

Why Teamwork Should Be a Top Priority for Roadside Assistance Services

Though roadside assistance doesn’t sound as glamorous as a high-stakes NASCAR race, the concept remains the same: you can’t be successful without a successful team. As a service provider, your organization is more than dispatchers and field workers. You rely on sales and marketing to attract new clients and keep existing ones. Your client service coordinators ensure your customers know how to use their service. Customer care and response teams are there when clients become stranded or lost on the road.

While each of these functions is important, none are as critical as the ability to make them work together. When everyone has their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the organization, each team member is better positioned to race toward the same goal for a winning finish – together.

The Champion’s Secret to Teamwork Success

Communication is a critical component of your team’s success. When team members can access the right resources to help a client quickly, they’re able to deliver faster, more accurate service that benefits both the customer and the company as a whole. Many member services organizations are restructuring how they handle data and information resources through better knowledge management practices. Through these practices, departmental silos dissolve so teams can work towards the same goals. Information becomes more timely and accurate. Errors decrease. Best of all, you can provide high-quality service to more clients in less time.

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About Panviva

Panviva,a global leader in cloud-based knowledge management, emerged from a driving desire to give employees one-click access to the information they need, when they need it and in the context they need it—to do their jobs right the first time.


Stephen Pappas

With more than 20 years experience in enterprise software sales and operations, Stephen Pappas manages all aspects of Panviva’s North American operations. He previously served as a Director of International Sales with Harte-Hanks Trillium Software, where he took their enterprise data management offering to 54 countries. Other roles have included Executive Vice President of a SaaS software start-up and Director of Sales and Business Development at PageFlex.

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