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The Importance Of Consistency Throughout Your Content

The importance of consistency throughout your content

Writing content for your knowledge database doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With proper planning, your content managers can create a knowledge base that’s robust, user-friendly and easy to navigate. But, before you begin rewriting your content, it is essential that you establish a set of styles and standards to follow when creating folder structures where your documents will live.

At Panviva University, we’ve developed a full Content Development Guide to assist content managers and authors with writing clear, concise and helpful content. Here are a few tips from our experts:

Consistency is key

You must maintain consistency across folders and documents within your knowledge database (i.e., intranet, website, etc.). This includes consistency across:

  • Folder structures
  • Folder names
  • Document structures
  • Document names
  • Document content

Consistency allows the user to navigate easily around and within the folders and documents. It also ensures that everyone who is accessing information will be able to search for key terms and content and be brought to the same results. It will reduce confusion and potential dissemination of erroneous information to end users.

Create a seamless brand

Consistency throughout your content will also accomplish a seamless look and feel to your brand across all channels. Panviva has been touted for giving users the ability to prepare and publish from one single source of truth, in real-time; proving the right information at the right time. This is accomplished, in part, by having consistency across all your content.

About Panviva

Panviva helps companies improve performance by providing the best tool to manage content: Prepare and publish from one single source of truth, in real-time; instantly change text or processes across multiple documents in real time, in just one action; personalize content to specific user roles to present information that is most relevant to the task at hand; tailor content to meet the needs of specific regions, business units, or application versions – and create and display content in any language, including multi-byte and right to left languages.

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