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Writing Effective Reader-Focused Content

Writing Effective Reader-Focused Content

Creating reader-focused content is critical when writing and editing in your Knowledge Management (KM) system. Content managers and authors, who are very close to the material they are producing, should be careful to always keep the newest reader in mind. It’s easy to forget what it’s like to be a new user seeing the information for the first time.

Taking a few simple steps will ensure your audience is getting the best information to serve their clients:

  • Always write, read, and edit documentation to the level of the newest reader/user/audience in mind.
  • Remember that you are not the reader; don’t expect them to have the same knowledge of a topic as you do.
  • Writing for the newest reader ensures audiences of all skill levels will receive the information they need.

Ask for feedback
Reach out to content SMEs and project team members and have them review a draft version of the content for accuracy. Let them know you prepared it for review and are seeking any recommendations they have. This tactic accomplishes two things:

    • It allows the SMEs to provide input.
    • It keeps the end user in mind from content ideation through completion, at each phase of the content lifestyle.

Using third-party proofreaders and editors can also be effective because they won’t have any preexisting knowledge of the content and will be a fresh set of eyes ensuring the end product makes sense to the newest level reader and user.

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