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Tips to Keep your Content Positive

Writing content for your knowledge database is one of the most important tasks your content managers and authors will be charged with completing. Learn to strengthen your copy by writing in the positive voice to ensure readers are engaged and clear on your meaning. Writing with a negative voice and using double negatives in sentences can be confusing and potentially convey the opposite meaning to your agents and in turn, your clients.

At Panviva University, we’ve developed a full Content Development Guide to assist content managers and authors with writing clear, concise and helpful content. Here are a few tips from our experts:

Write in the positive
State sentences in the positive rather than the negative. Positive sentences tend to be:

  • Shorter than negative sentences;
  • Easier to understand.


  • Use ‘unable’ rather than ‘not able’.
  • Use ‘only if…’ rather than ‘not… unless’.

Avoid the double negative
Avoid using double negatives in sentences, or the reader might misinterpret the meaning.


  • The Company allows employees to take their annual leave entitlement at the end of each calendar year. (correct)
  • The Company doesn’t allow employees to not take their annual leave entitlement at the end of each calendar year. (incorrect)

Panviva helps companies improve performance by providing the best tool to manage content: Prepare and publish from one single source of truth, in real-time; instantly change text or processes across multiple documents in real time, in just one action; personalize content to specific user roles to present information that is most relevant to the task at hand; tailor content to meet the needs of specific regions, business units, or application versions – and create and display content in any language, including multi-byte and right to left languages.

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